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Tuara for mortem rex

Anyone with a tuaramoloch around 6000 hp know the strategy and is ready to try a mortem at the moment?
We got maxima/tenonto/dilora ready.

Thanks by advance and good luck to defeat the beast all !

Also, did a team manage to kill him without a tuara or a maxima already, or is it a must have?

You have it available? I have a tuora level 30

@Idgt902 did it with a couple guys last week. They took a vid b it I forgot where it was

I saw it. Was two diloracheirus, tenontorex and diorajasaur

First turn
Tuora speeds up while hitting velo
Someone attacks with a move that hits everyone, damaging Majunda and killing velo
Someone uses a move to hit the lower damage or HP, to kill Majunda
From then on, take care of health and use distractions to take on Mortem
Repeat on first turn of the second round (which can be tricky… watch the cooldown)

That’s the strategy we used on my alliance. But they all must be well boosted and high level


Yep, that’s the strategy with tuara.

We finally manage to get it with an other strategy.


The magna need to have more speed than the velo and to be able to os it, and after it was pretty chill with the triple distract and double heal.

We still finish with only two dino, you really have to play the cunning at the good moment, because a cc could easily end your match.

Ugh, I want to do it, but nobody seems to have a high level or even boosted Dio, Maxima, or even Tryko. Either that, or they have no clue which dinos to use for this boss. I have a high boosted Toura, but she can only do so much, ya know?

My Maxima is 30, with 20/10/0 boosts. I think I need to hone it to 19/11/0. Any use?

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We are in need of that tuora, if youre available

Pretty much that. The main thing is knowing when to distract, heal and taunt.

Ardent best to have more than 2k damage so you have the 30% chance.of wiping the.minions before they even get a hit in.

Got Tuora 29, look me for pirulas in game.

But maybe won’t play in the next 2 hours.

Do distracts still work for phase 2? I thought his tail swipe cleansed. I’m forgetting his move set

my creatures are too low level to beat mortem. :sob:
highest i got is a 25 tryko.

Don’t worry, Mortem shows attack before doing it, you you have time to prepare.

Two Ardent can work with Tuora but is prefered to have at least 2 distractors to reduce damage on different turns.

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Highest creature I have is Utarinex at lvl 29 and boosted. Been using that as it has 2 distract attacks with one removing crit chance. But as a team we’ve not had high enough creatures.

add me and let’s try in a few hours with some of my teammates. we’ve already done it with Thor + 2 Tenontorex + my Tuora

I’ve boosted Spyx too. There is also a L30 snake courtesy of Neodeadalus.

I have a 29 boosted dio . 7800hp. Friend me. DrPraktik#0198