Tuarangisaurus/Deinocherius Hybrid Drawing Contest


  • draw any custom hybrid
  • one of its ingredients must be Tuarangisaurus or Deinocherius
  • and that’s pretty much it :joy: :woozy_face:

Could it be photoshop or it have to be hand drawing?

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Hybrid Drawing contest

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Gotchu baby :+1:

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Fused with Baryonyx

Sorry if it’s bad I’m just bad at drawing


Anyone else?

This ends this Wednesday

count me in, i will do both

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here’s the sketch right now for Deinocheir hasst, i never really been good with draw legs, especially dinosaurs.

now heres the coloered Deinocheir hasst, i sadly had to use crayons because I don’t have any color pencils, then crayons don’t do well with pencil.

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heres a sketech of toodrangiboa, a hybird of troodoboa, and tuarangisaurus, and i know that probably to much for a hybird creature. planing on puting a dark, and light green color.

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Which is the coolest

  • Deinocheironyx
  • Deinocheir haast
  • Troodrangiboa

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Who’s the winner

  • Fancy_argenteryx
  • EpicThoradolosaur983

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Congrats, @fancy_argenteryx wins but the best drawing concept goes to @EpicThoradolosaur983

well thanks, and that good at least everyone win somehting. it’s to bad this contest was small.

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Yeah :smiling_face_with_tear: :grin:


If you made another one of these mini contests, I would be up for joining it. It looks pretty fun

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