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Tuesday's epic tower


Didn’t see any vids or posts so thought I would post that a 26 sucho and 26 tryo got it done. Tryo did crit on dsr with sino who came out second.

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My recording failed this morning :-1:t4::-1:t4: :slightly_frowning_face:


Sorry to hear, you’ve been having a few issues and hope it’s fixable :blush: i’m sure i’m not the only one that looks forward to you posting!

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Pretty easy tower… i managed 317 rex… so there is that…

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I got slaughtered by this tower, I didn’t prepare correctly and Sino getting 2 crits (1 on Instant Charge and the other on it’s other stunning move) didn’t help lol. I’m looking forward to the other strike towers this week tho!

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I got 11 koola and the rest ourano, I was ecstatic lol.


Thinking I got kinda lucky actually, wuerho critted and suchutator was done for. Tryo was a gamble.


Lost my first go but managed the second time around :slight_smile:

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Yo same. I pulled out Sucho thinking that Sino would come trotting out onto the battle field, but Werhuo came out instead. I wanted to bleed her out, but she got a lucky crit for her SS. Had to pull her out for Posti. My saving grace was my Stegod for the last few turns.

Got a Miasaura out of it though!

Erliko was the second Epic I got out of it x3


Yeah regrettably mine just NOW did as well! Dang it to heck!! Since I’m the Leader of my Alliance “Kings of the Monsters” I have gotten several Alliance members to join in on our (official) Alliance chat group and still trying to reason the the rest to join us too with slow progress. I guess they would rather suffer thru the in game chat that’s buggy as heck with odds of it actually working being 25% out of 100% of the time. But anyway, I record all the epic strike tower events as soon as they are live before (usually) any of my Alliance members even wake up & I post it on our (official) allitchat group on What’s App. So that way they can view it as much as they want and try to get an idea of what kind of dinos will work best against the enemy dinos. So they can come up with effective strategies for themselves to get the reward and still be able to feel that they accomplished something really remarkable and epic. Seeing as how besides Godzilla2019 and Emra, Darkside, & myself everybody else is still struggling to get higher in the arenas b/c of certain arena’s game walls they can’t seem to beat and progress higher on up. They rely heavily on my recorded videos to help give them an edge… so Im really livid that my stupid iPhone X didn’t succeed at “being able to complete the necessary action” when finalizing the stopped recording I just now made! Grrrr…


But hey silver lining check out what I literally just found after I finished posting my reply to Hersh on here!! Sweet Christmas!!!