Tuora should bleed

Tuora needs some love. We have no bleeding uniques. Its a match made in heaven.

“But its building blocks dont have bleed!”

So what! How’d indom get cloak? Etc.

Or maybe some armor. I feel like we will get a bleeding bird unique soon.

But serisouly, have you SEEN those spikes? How are you NOT bleeding?


Couldn’t agree more , it has to be the weakest unique out there and certainly needs something .


Bleeding counter. Counter attack causes .25 bleed for one turn.


Bleeding counter Attack? XD
I don’t know man, but we need a bleeding unique, maybe something using suchotator and an epic to create a unique, like grypolyth.


Or the currently Epic(ly) useless Spino Gen 2. Could get a unique bleeder at some point.


Spino gen 1 Is useful, has tier 1 Hybrid, you probably meant gen 2, which yes, Is completely useless.
Suchotator + spino gen 2 unique? XD

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suchotator + ankylo gen2 + tany = armor 30%, speed 126, long protection

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give pyroraptor a bleeding move again and bam!! make magna a bleeder🤔


This! So much this!

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As far as bleeding uniques go… I’m still waiting on megalo to have a unique. Been thinking for awhile, Megalosuchus x Spino gen 2. Shield, counter, and bleed makes for a good time :smile: Maybe even defense shattering counter instead of armor piercing. Thats a dino that I would put on my team lol.


Give it evasive stance :roll_eyes:

Tuora definitely deserves some love. I mean it seems like we were met halfway with the attempt at a buff. But as far as being unique it is anything but. Armor would definitely be an added plus or some kind of distracting strike would be all that is needed. As of now it is great against two Dino’s. But it’s hard to keep a Dino in your team that is vulnerable against so many others. Magna also fits in this needed buff


I was wondering about this too…

So far it seems like only genuine epics are used to make uniques, and not hybrid epics (who’s legendary’s are then “super hybrids”)

I dunno if anyone has an insight on this or if just grasping as straws ?


Distracting actually makes sense, and is in its line.

i would love to see a spinotosuchus- spino gen2 unique. started with spino gen1 and finish with spino gen2. give it armor or make it immune.

You do have a good point! At the moment all the uniques require genuine epic ingredients except tenonto. Keeping the pool of unique dinos pretty low. I’m thinking they may start introducing new super hybrid uniques once they hold off on introducing new epics. Less cookie cutter teams, but that’s probably a couple whiles updates away lol.

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Since we’re shooting out ideas:

A triple-epic unique:
Koola, concavenater, and secodonto with:

{Distract, slow, pin and defense shatter +/- immunity}


The beauty is that everybody will have a high leveled koolcavedonto :rofl:

Sign me up haha


@Hersh… hahahahaha!!! In that case u r the first one to have the highest level of it :joy::joy::joy:


kooliodontonater :thinking: gotta put koolio in there lol