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Tuora should bleed


Megalosuchus is already a superhybrid, can’t have a unique, same for spinotasuchus.


theyll have to break the rules then…


I hope they give hybrids to creatures that really need it, like carno, concavenator, koola and so on, not to creature that are already superhybrids.


My thoughts are that ss is pretty useless on tuora. Mostly used to cleanse distraction but by the next turn you get ic by utari or stunned by dilo and lose priority. Only question is do you have distraction with 0 CD. Because if it has say a 2 turn CD what would you be able to attack with next?


what we really need is Alankylokylocodon
Inmune long Invincibility
30% armor 20% crit DSR and 120 speed Thagomizer…

and so… tuaramoloch needs something. I’m still leveling touajingo cause rajasaurus and ankylo are really difficult to find so dioraja won’t ever be in my team


I’ve heard others say this too, but it assumes everything will stay exactly as it is now. But I would disagree. I’m simply saying that Life… finds a way.



I hope so too… @Calebrys and I have big plans for our gorgo/megalo!


Im not saying that we will never get something like that, in fact in the last updates we got common + common = legendary, rare + epic = unique and so on, so its possible that we will eventually get something like that, im saying that there are creatures that are completely useless as already stated before and i would prefer Hybrids for that creatures instead of a new hybrid tier for creatures that are already good enough.


I already talked about this in another thread with a guy that wanted a rarity tier higher than unique


Ouch, no thanks


Exactly, ss is pretty worthless on tuo. Looking over the kit…what if stunning impact become distracting impact? I always thought it a little annoying that I typically counter attack once - t1 - cause t2 is stun, t3 is run…

I get why it has stun. Its not bad. But perhaps distracting impact makes more sense. Kinda serves a similar purpose - cut dmg 50% by losing a turn vs 50% by debuff. Obviously thats not always how it goes, but the more I think about it the more I like it.

Ooh, and what if it inherited shield strike? :thinking:



That would definitely work. Considering the stun hardly ever connects for me so I’m use to playing without depending on it. Shielding strike would be awesome as well. Would be more useful then the current.


Not sure if it’s been mentioned, didn’t read all of it, but we should have a unique bleeder, but it should be Suchotator mixed with Spinotasuchus!


I think it’s a shame that it doesn’t have Paramoloch’s Instant Charge…


Unique Spinomimus = Monomimus + Spinosaurus Gen 2




To me Tuora needs one of these things:

  • Higher base damage: maybe the initial 1400 26 was too high, but 1200 would be enough for me to be more competitive.
  • One rampage move (slowing rampage, greater stunning rampage or rampage and run).
  • One SIA: in my opinion swap in distraction/swap in stun would be the best options.
  • A “distracting counter attack” with a 10/20% (maybe 20 too much??) damage debuff from the opponent.


not bad, but it lacks a basic attack with no cooldown
how about this

lethal wound
distracting rampage
nullifying strike
evasive stance
swap-in bleeding or swap-in nullify


So cool!

I would totally get that and max it out. What a great dino it would be!


but my Monomimus is lvl 24 :o
are there any other options? :sweat_smile:



My advice: start preparing for it now! Don’t wait. Let’s be ahead of others!