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Tuoramoloch and other dinos need balance changes please read Ludia!


I will give Ludia praise where it belongs, they have done a good job at balancing the game and adding content. The individuals working on jurassic world alive have done an amazing job on this game. So thank you all.

I will try to give information on all the dinos most people have voiced their opinion on as far as balance changes goes.

The very first one would have to be tuoramoloch. As it stands tuoramoloch desperately needs an update in its skill set as it lacks something most uniques at its level have, a move that can do good damage. Tuoramoloch should be given a rampage version of either its greater stunning impact or impact and run. I can’t stress how much this unique needs attention.

Grypolyth belongs to a class of dinosaurs that not many people play, and thats the crocodile class. Grypolyth should have access to the unique move lockdown impact, but instead it has lockdown strike. If it can’t have lockdown impact as a unique, then which unique should have access to such a good move? Gryposuchus even has lockdown impact!!! What if it was given ferocious impact instead of strike? Furthermore, perhaps a buff to the length of time lockdown impact can keep opponents in should be looked at.

Diorajasaurus was supposed to benefit from the new swap in mechanic, yet it hardly has much if any time to live long enough to do damage to strong dinos like indoraptor or trykosaurus. Diorajasaurus has a decent move set, but it suffers from the lack of hp. Maybe give it the magnapyritor treatment and increase its hp a bit?


This legendary needs attention. A lot of attention. Its been needing it for a very long time. You know it was bad if there was a time when people said power up gorgosuchus instead of megalosuchus because its better. Then gorgosuchus lost its cleansing healing move and got cleansing impact instead, which really hurt the matchups gorgo was supposed to be effective against. Megalosuchus needs a way to bypass shields. It loses horribly to anything with a shield. Megalosuchus doesn’t need a strong shield breaking move, just a shield breaking move. Maybe give its counter attack the ability to break shields at the cost of doing only .5 counter attack ? Or replace pinning strike with a shield shattering strike? Or even replace critical impact with defense shattering impact? A lot of people would appreciate this.

You either hate it or love it. But i do feel really bad for people who leveled it up and then monomimus got hit really hard with the loss of speed. Give it back its 129 speed. It didn’t need to lose it.

This one legendary suffered the greatest loss and casualty of all the other dinos. There is literally no reason to play him over other raptors. Please just give it distracting impact. If not, give it pounce at the very least, and give it back the armor piercing rampage. Its a raptor!!!


Give it swap in invincibility. Please. It needs a reason to be used.

Please give erlikosaurus an increase of 1 speed to make it different from its gen 2 counter part. 130 isn’t going to make this epic turkey any more dangerous.

Its never too late to give it back its adrenaline pulse. Im sure a lot of players would love their gorgo back.

There is literally no reason to run this over einiasuchus. Give it lockdown impact, and maybe even ferocious impact!!!

This seriously needs a hybrid. If it can’t get one, please buff its hp.

Tyrannosaurus rex:
The face of this game, and everyone thinks its not that great. Give the players a reason to fear this monster. Increase its hp. It needs something to stay as an icon.


Erlikosaurus Gen 2:
Everyone has a special place in their heart for this terror turkey bird. Please ludia give it back its 129 speed. Its not gonna change much, its not broken. Im sure a lot of players who love him would be really happy to have the 129 speed back. Its just 1 speed but it does make a very slight difference.

Im sure everyone started off with this hybrid as their first. Please ludia, give majundasuchus a damage and hp increase. The damage really is sub par, its speed is also horriby lacking. Any changes to those would be very much appreciated.

This really is a cool and good looking rare. But its hp is atrocious. This rare needs an hp buff badly in order to make it at least a fun selection. Its got a decent move set but it desperately needs an hp buff.

Please give the stand alone tenontosaurus some of its old speed back. 109 for a rare thats supposed to be fast is pretty disappointing.


Won’t be touched for another 3-4 months, since updates are becoming smaller and rarer.


I disagree with gorgo getting the original heal back. I love it as it is. Why cleans a distracting when I can cleans and murder the opponent’s dino in the process? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: