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Tuoramoloch Buff

I really really really like the new Tuoramoloch. Obnoxiously speedy. He’s fantastic in raids but doesn’t do well in the arena. That’s because… he can only hit with a strike. His damage is good but he only has 2 moves that do damage and they don’t do much at all. Since tuojiangosaurus has a decelerating counter, why not do this: give Tuoramoloch decelerating counter, nerf the damage a bit as to not make it op. Then the 1x moves that it has can be backed up by a counter attack. Tuoramoloch has always been bleh and not many have used him, why not give him time to shine with this new meta.

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A minor counter attack would be great, but nerfing is attack will impact is effect in raid too much for me.

We need him to keep healing a lot !

There are actually people who use it in the top50 and it seems to hold its own

Actually, I have always used Tuora, and it is better than ever… I can slow down Erlis, precise basic attack, attack buffed…

lost counter and stuns? yes, but now is quite better than before. Though now I can’t do as well against Thor, I can manage better against Magnas, which were a pain before.

I thought it’s been kinda op if not balanced. Mine is 26 with 14 hp boosts and 11 attack boosts. If it can’t kill something it gets real close 70% of the time. I love mine.