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Tuoramoloch good for pvp?

4 months ago i unlocked my fourth unique Tuoramoloch. Since then i used it mostly for raids but now it’s level 23 and i start to feel that i need use it for pvp but her abilities aren’t very good (that’s what I think)

So what do you guys think? is this creature good for pvp? Or should it stay as a raid creature?

only a raid creature all the way around, although the group accel could be handy, recommend getting tenontorex and dilorach, if you want healers for pvp

I have mine at 10/20/0 and it is funny to troll Erlikos and Magnas in the Arena. But there definitely are better options.

Not really. From time to time I do see a full boosted (usually 10/20/0) one in the arena, and she does cause a bit of damage, but not nearly enough to be a threat. I can’t remember the last time any of them were able to actually defeat any single dino from my team.

If you have a crazy tura you can use it in arena, but it’s more of a raid creature. It’s not super arena viable but it’s not so bad as to make you instantly lose…given it’s insanely high level and boosted. Agree that tenonto is the better choice for a raid dino for PvP, as are ardentis/Gemini.

She’s definitely a Raid based creature more than a pvp one.


Low-to-mid rank Arena, it’s okay. Not amazing, but usable if you don’t have a better alternative. It will quickly drop off in value, though. It’s mostly just useful for ganking Cunnings and also revenge killing with Group Acceleration if you don’t have a better revenge killer