Tuoramoloch needs a buff, dilorano is stronger than tuoramoloch

So, looking at the moves Tuoramoloch has
Greater Stunning Rampage
Impact and Run
Low Stunning Strike
Slowing Impact

while Diloranosaurus has
Distracting Impact
Greater Stunning Rampage
Impact and Run
Superiority Strike

They have the exact same stats, except tuoramoloch has 300 more health. Why does a legendary hybrid have a way better moveset than an unique one that is extremely hard to get? (Stygimoloch DNA)
I say you give Tuoramoloch all of Dilorano’s moves, and vice versa.

[quote=“Astherisk, post:1, topic:17253”]
IF LUDIA change Tuoramoloch 's move set to look like this:

Slowing Impact *2 COOL 2
Impact and Run *1.5
SS *1

that would be a great unique

I always thought a stunning counter attack would be kick a**. Maybe 50% chance to stun on counter attack. Now that is a skill befitting a unique made from so much stunning heritage.


Hmmm. That would be really interesting.

I like this idea. Would also make sense, the stunning being the effect of being basically impaled on those huge spikes.

Sounds pretty OP, but hey that’s wut uniques are about

It really just needs to have its damage put back. Its damage took a massive hit. Just add half back and it would still be way better.