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Tuoramoloch .. pvp serviceable?

Looking at stats seems pretty low damage but with the priority attack and healing to mitigate damage, seems like you could maybe churn out some damage? Guess it would be pretty worthless against armor though :thinking: . Anyone use one? Thoughts?

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Tuo is bad for PvP. It’s stats look good, but when you only have basic strikes and you have to constantly heal to avoid being killed, it’ll fall flat quick

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touramoloch is mainly a raid dino, but I have seen it in pvp and its meh to ok. Every time I’ve faced it the opponent went accel, heal, emergency heal, and repeat again and again wittling down my dinos health. But it can be taken out quite easily if u have a chomper or something with armor


It’s all about strategy.

I more or less treat my Tuoramoloch as a Cunning that can heal and Decel rather than Distract and dodge. It’s sole purpose for me is to take down Magnapyritors and put most of everything else in a pretty bad spot, and thus setting up an easy Revenge kill. In theory it can otherwise take anything down that doesn’t have armor, including Fierce creatures, and it fares pretty well against the Nitro Thors.

It’s overall not the best PvP creature, but it’s still pretty good if you know how to use it, and boost it, properly