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Tuoramoloch should have a Rampage


From being at the top of the list of battle contenders to falling to the bottom barrel, Tuoramoloch has been gradually recovering from being gutted (nerf would be an understatement). Tuoramoloch is finally in a decent spot, but the only thing it’s missing now is a Rampage, whether it’s to its Stun or its Run, if given somewhere would make Tuoramoloch a legitimate contender without the concern of it being considered OP.

Hopes for Patch 1.6

I second this. Toura lost its spot in the top… I’m sure 1 rampage will not be too OP also.


This just makes sense- she’s a Unique. It restores her to an appropriate kit for her tier and adds more diversity to the game. I agree.


I also agree with this. This is another unique that is underwhelming and not good out the box. Many ppl create it then instantly bench it. Currently tuora has to be at higher lvls to become relevant. In fact higher then team average. And the DNA to fuse for tuora is only available through arena rewards. Not easily obtained for some. I think GSR or R&R would really give it what is needed to become relevant again

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I never saw one pre-slaughter. Did it used to have rampage(s)?


It had greater stunning rampage before


And had as much damage as Indoraptor

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Its attack should be about 1200, and have GSR and RnR. The counter can be removed, as you stunned your opponent and run away next turn, there’s really no point for its counter attack.

Its basic attack SS is not needed as well since it already has a slow. Giving it shielding strike instead.


Great suggestion! Agree 100%!

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Toura definitely needs some love. A rampage wouldn’t be unreasonable at all. An instant charge move would be nice as well. Considering it’s lineage.


I mean, that’d be a beefy 1458 damage at level 30, not bad. Though, it’s counter does add up to giving it more damage than that. I personally think it’s damage is at a decent place (1070), though you could debate a bump to 1120 would be suitable.

Superiority Strike is honestly a pretty decent move on Tuora, makes Tuora a crowd control focused Dino, kinda like Stegocera & Stegodeus. But Shielding Strike could be interesting, too.

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Instant charge and rampage would put it back in my lineup

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But that would just make it a super utarinex.
I think one rampage move and attack buff would be nice enough


As long as a buff won’t break her and make her an OP abomination like Diloracheirus or Trykosaurus, I can get behind it.

Personally I think the kit is fine as is. Just a little bit of extra base damage would make her better, is all.

Or maybe Decelerating Rampage instead of slowing impact. But then leave the base damage untouched.


What makes Utarinex so good is it has a turn 1 Rampage, with distraction for that matter. The Rampage possibilities I’m proposing would both have a 1-turn delay before it could use said Rampage. Certainly not a super Utarinex, but would make it’s kit quite potent. Even then, most damage it could throw down would be 2602 from said Rampage, that being at level 30.


What about a Decelerating Rampage? So it could then deal damage quickly without dying before dealing enough. Rampage on first turn should be all it needs.


I feel like Decelerating Rampage could get on the border of OP, considering the fact it already has a stun and a run to go with it’s kit, mostly because of how short the cooldown.

If the past hinted text change is any indication, Tuora’s Slowing Impact could turn into a 2-turn CD, which would be phenomenal! But that said, a 2nd-turn Rampage is what would bring Tuora a balanced buff

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If the cool down on its decel was reduced by a turn it would make a big difference. Im still saying its under rated. I open with it and smile every time my opponents opens with a bleeder

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Rampage and run wouldn’t be asking too much I don’t think.


I don’t think Rampage & Run would be too much at all. Greater Stunning Rampage OR Rampage and Run would offer great balance in my book, 1 or the other.