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Tuoramoloch still a dissapointment

Does anyone use Tuora in aviary or higher? Ludia claims they listened. They heard us but they didnt do nearly enough to make it a worthwhile dino.


I wouldn’t know because I don’t use it, but it gives me a whole lot more trouble now as an opponent, 'cause my stunners can’t take it down anymore.

I still have it benched with enough dna that I could level her to 22 or maybe 23, but why bother? She is just too weak. Been taking any new dna and pouring it into diora.

Tried using it for a while in library, not too effective against erli and indo due to high success rate of cloak/evasive and tuora’s low attack. Figured it would be good against rinex with a 2 turn slow move, but strangely have not seen too many rinex running around. Swapped it out for a lower lvl adentis.

It’s actually a 3 turn slow now, which is nice.

She just needs more damage output.


Oh yea its 3 turn thanks for the correction.

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He needs a few changes to be viable
1st- change is 0.5 counter atack to 0.5 slowing counter atack
2st-change superiority strike for shielding strike
3rd-change rampage and run for hit and run (does 1.5x damage heals 25% total HP and auto swap)
4th- give him 1200 atack


You can’t pretend Toura works against those beasts.

Rinex aren’t appearing as before. My Toura is almost level 26 now. With some little boost on HP just to deal properly against Thor…

It just works fine for me… Ranging from 5000/5100 along with this team below. getting so many benefits from SIA and swaps.

Works like a charm just got to learn how, got me to a new high! It’s an mvp!


Wow - you have Toura and Steg! I benched both because they were so weak. Would love to know how you use them.

Yea for now, I desperately need a nullifyer dino in my team to deal with those cloaks and evade. Hence the adentis swap, even tho it is lower than
tuora by 4 lvls. Still hope to bring it back someday, perhaps need to figure out a proper team setup to make it work.

Just like Monostego, it is written as 3 turn slow, but actually it works for 2 turns only. Same for Thagomizer.

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I have Toura at 27, it has won me some games but ultimately it just doesn’t do enough damage. I benched it but I’m still feeling out a replacement, Maxima fills the same role but is better

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Look at the members of my team… Most of them include Swap ability.


Most of them fit quite well in battle. I can usually combine swaps without problem.

Obviously I suffer a bit when powerful chompers enter but… I prefer this kind of game…

For this reason I benched DC.


Thanks for explaining. Makes total sense when played that way.