Nerfing uniques kill you when you finally get one. Damage almost doesn’t justify using…



they also nerfed dioraja by 100 attack just because of swap in ferocity


Oh hay, saw this on reddit! Pretty close to making this one so I’m going to keep going for it. The damage does look rather disappointing though.


What on earth? :scream: The movesets look great but the damage :sob: Ouch.


Especially against an armored or defensive opponent… it’s really gunna need those stuns to work


This is probably why I keep going up against level 23 + paramolochs :frowning:


Maybe thats just your perfume? :grin:


It’s the half price unique we get fed non stop styg DNA so they nerfed it before everyone has one and the calls of op Nerf when start. A pre emptive nerf lol


Pretty sure there’s a glitch ATM the 8hr incubators giving only styg DNA ATM facepalm!!!


No it’s not. It works as intended if you talk about half your epic DNA is stygy (as long as you are not in lockwood or higher but it’s not your case). And if you talk about getting only stygy DNA (guaranteed spot and normal one) yes it can happen…
But maybe you’d rather have no stygy DNA and be unable to create him since he’s arena exclusive…


Yeah prefer not to spend coins towards crappy uniques and focus on tryke,Indo raptor, Magna pyritattor etc. I don’t mean half epic DNA is styg since yesterday in 4000+ trophies arena 8hr incub only giving like 18 styg DNA and no other epic DNA, common and rare DNA normal but now seems 8hr only giving styg DNA must be a glitch!!!


If you only get 18 stygy DNA for your 8hours you should contact the support to investigate this. And if you have a picture of your 8h incubator it would probably help (you should see 18 guaranteed stygy + 18 epic as minimum in the description if 18 is the amount for your level)


I prob should make a ticket though only affected 2 of my 8hrs so far and didn’t take pics. I’ll just wait till I open my next one to make a ticket with pics


Back on topic hopefully tuoramoloch will get a buff in future seems more like an epic than a unique with current stats


Elridominus look like a epic or legendary too, weaker version of indominus rex whit less life, no armor shatering skill, only 1 x2 dmg skill, and low speed for being a suppossed fast unique, monomimus is much better than him for example


If you only get 18 stiggy dna it’s not a glitch. You’re guaranteed 18 epic dna which will always be stiggy you normally get more but you’re only guaranteed 18 epic dna in total.


Even with the nerf, tuo is still a beast tank.


It has 0% armor. This isn’t a tank at all.


I think i battled you earlier lol do you have an indoraptor and level 23 stegodeus…