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Tupandactylus Featured Dino


I just saw a Tupandactylus and noticed it has limited attempts(24 I think) Anyone else notice this?


Weekly event changed, now it seems like a Pterosaur theme event.


So it looks like Pterosaurs are only available during the weekly event, if so I would be disappointed.


I see the other dinos as well like Tarbo and Dimetridon gen2 still out there along with the fliers


Yes there are two events at the same time but good news they are on their own drops


Nah, just do a little more patient searching. You might spot some Hatzegopteryx and Dsungaripterus free-floating around the map that have nothing to do with the Pterosaur showcase, like I found.


I’m just hoping that catching the quetzalcoatlus on the green pole isn’t going to count against the rares tomorrow. I need irritators!


Yeah I just went on a 20 minute walk with a capsule on and found some. :slight_smile:


This is exactly what I want to know. Thanks for the update Ludia, but really, I’m sick of the silent nerfs and changes. They didn’t tell us about the Special Event Supply Drops (SESD) being all over the map now and now just at parks either and they changed the special event to include dinosaura that were not originally there.


Just got this reply from support…



Hey THEDinohunter, it should not affect the attempts for the featured dinos for Wednesday. If you see that it is counting towards your attempts on Wednesday, reach out to our team at with your support key so they can take a look.

Happy hunting!


I didn’t mind the “surprise” factor involved with the addition of new Event Supply Drops (as it really was a good, more-than-welcomed surprise), but I would like to see an updated event schedule as well.