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Tupuxuara Tournament 4/30 - 5/3

As always this thread will be to track and discuss the tournament progression.

Good luck to everyone!!

I invested nearly 1000 bucks to hatch and level up my Cenezoic in queue. Hope it helps.
My first attempts were successful but I’m very quick exhausted.

It was tough to gauge appropriate dinos to send after the easy first round. Think I lost 3-4 battles, but some were close, down to last dino. I’m already in first place, with most of my top dinos still to go. I expect top-of-the-order battles to go a lot smoother.

That’s it for today. Used all of my top creatures and now I have to wait at least for 12 hours.

By the way. The German name of the tournament is a reference to ‘Dances with wolves’ with Kevin Costner, meaning ‘The one who dances with ice’ which absolutely makes no sense.

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I’m guessing “Dances with Ice” because of the Ice Age character of most of the Cenzoic creatures? And there are wolves like the Hyaenodon and Megistotherium in the Cenozoic creatures? Maybe?

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Maybe that’s the reason, but nevertheless in German this is a ridiculous phrase.


That’s what happens when a French gaming company makes an English-based app for a German-speaking audience, I guess. :slight_smile:

Speaking of terrible translations that have nothing to do with Jurassic World, hopefully this makes some others laugh

Now, back to your regularly-scheduled thread.


This is just great: intergalactic bandit helping us all better understand the intricacies (or lack thereof) of German mistranslations by a French company concerning prehistoric paleontology. The fForce (or farce) dun get any stronger (or stranger) than this. :sunglasses:)


It’s definitely way more interesting that what is (or not!) going on with the tournament. Weekday tournament, just one day since the last one finished, Cenos only. Not good mix for me, that’s for sure!

I am seeing the ferocity scale from the last tournament apply closely to this tournament. Team AFS will need to be around 3,000+ for Dominator, upper portion of Predator was 2,000 AFS.


Maybe “Katzen mit Senf” would make more sense!

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Yeah, I definitely will be happy just to finish in Predator. If I’d not made another stupid newbie mistake this morning, I might have nailed a spot in Dominator before the AFS started going up but now it’s definitely passed me by.

It does not help at ALL that I keep forgetting to skip over my Cenos when doing PvPs. Really have to stop doing that. I assume PvPs are counted toward the community event? I was hitting them pretty hard for that reason but have gotten a few nice scores out of them (including one of those SR aquatic reefs I was needing a week ago, thanks to the Gods of Irony).

I was still have some stuff I was trying to get leveled up with the short time frame to work with so waiting on the hatchery or might have been able to get another match or two in soon enough. I envy those of you that have played long enough to have the bucks to just speed things up when it’s helpful to do so.

Both regular PVP and tournament PVP count toward the community event

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First run. The AI did not like my lineups. My best team barely ecked out a win, but only got 29 trophies while my number 2 team got creamed.

Dang it, I knew that early mistake cost me, just scored a nice close win, but it left me just shy of Dominator in 6th place. I know better than to try again in that high a spot , but would have been nice consolation to still score something good off the Predator prize wheel. But no such luck, sucky food reward again. These tournament wheels have NOT been kind to me.

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I know the feeling. Got nothing but low food and gold. Even the event today took a combo of 9 hybrid, vip and legendary amphibians to end up with a crumby rare flyer.

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End of day 1. Exhausted all usable dinos.

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I am sceptical if we are going to win this community event.

I am hoping that the tournament will increase the PvP rate on the game which will increase the burn down on the event, :crossed_fingers:t2:

It definitely seems like the AI is a lot smarter in this tournament than in normal PvPs. I know the match I just played I would have won in a normal PvP (granted, I also wouldn’t be battling from so far behind in one of those, but still). Definitely took me by surprise.