Turkey community rework results and ideas

So after a day I decided to tweak them according to the community votes results as posted


Health: 3,580
Attack: 1,400
Speed: 129

  • Minimal speed up strike
  • Debilitating Impact ( 3 turn cool down)
  • Maiming Wound .4 two turns (2 turn cool down)
  • Precise rampage ( 1turn cool down)

Health: 3,000
Attack: 1,600
Speed: 129

  • Minimal speed up strike
  • Rampage (1turn cool down)
  • Strike and run (1 turn cool down)
  • Cloak (one change is that cloak like sidestep is 100% chance to dodge for two turns)


Health: 3,100
Attack: 1,480
Speed: 130

  • Minimal speed up strike
  • Debilitating Pounce ( 1 turn cool down)
  • Impact and run (1 turn delay, one turn cool down
  • Critical impact (2 turn cool down)


Health: 3,600
Attack: 1,450
Speed: 131

  • Superior nullification
  • Distracting Strike ( 2 turn cool down)
  • Greater stunning rampage ( 1 delay; 2 turn cool down)
  • Rampage and Run (1 turn delay, 1 turn cool down)

Turned out great imo
The 100% cloak compensates for 3000 hp
I love that gamma got critical impact
Just a question, what are the numbers of the bleed on maiming wound and wounding rampage?


Maiming is .4 two turns, rampage is .15 since rampage does most of the work

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I mean makes sense for it to have Crit

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And ya I want it to be a glass cannon but it also shouldn’t die like that so since cloak is a waste of a turn I think 100% is good also means it beats any Thor 100% of the time now

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Meh. don’t like it. These are all crippling nerfs if Spyx, Gamma and Erlidom don’t have their respective immunities.

Bobby not everything need immunity ok


As for erlidom yes it does it part of its family, same with spxs although with this buff in bleed and overall power it might be too much and gamma no cause it makes no sense

Nice rework. Had a bit of confusion when it came to Dilorach but I like what you’ve done there!

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Lol thxs and what was confusing

I couldn’t decide properly what kind of rework it should get… all of them seemed nice imo

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Ya rach is hard cause it needs to be balanced but it also still need to be good basically it’s a more bulkier but stunning version of gamma

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Who I hope gets a hybrid in the future

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I will get one I’m sure I’m hoping for it.

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Hopefully it’s unique but it’s probably a legendary

Oh no, I wouldn’t be able to afford a unique for gamma🤣, I’m already short on Charlie DNA, then there is Spyx to worry about…

So I’m hoping for legendary…

I’m not sure that Precise Wounding Rampage should be a thing. It feels like too much in one move and doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense.

Giving Spyx Maiming Wound however is kind of interesting. It’s a bit different from Lethal Wound and requires a pip of damage to kill the creature but rarely won’t 2-turn it. I like it.

Debilitating Impact… well… I guess? Is there a reason for a signature move (Debilitating Strike) to be changed?

2 Turn Cloak… 100%… I mean I don’t think Erlidom needs this Buff. If you are removing its Immunity, it is basically a death-sentence for the creature. Counters now include… Instant Distraction, Nullifiers, Shields, Stuns, Slow… (i.e. Erlidom then needs another rework).

Debilitating Pounce is an interesting idea. Doesn’t seem completely OP (maybe 2 turn cooldown).

Speed buff is interesting. Puts it in a different place in the meta. Matches Deinocheirus. Superior Nullification however, I can do without. I’m not a fan of ‘everything’ moves. Not everything needs Nullify.

Maiming Wound on Spyx? Love it. Debilitating Impact? I don’t know if that’s needed when it does so much damage with its other moves. Especially when it’s Rampage has that much DoT. A little too much.

With Maiming Wound, there’s a chance it won’t need Immunity to Deceleration though, since it basically 2-shots most creatures, so I like that change.

Personally, I would leave Spyx’s stats as you did, but give it back Precise Rampage and Debilitating Strike.

Then Erlidom. Did you forget to include the part where it’s Immune? Because that is very, very important. Apart from that, I think the 100% dodge makes sense with that low HP. I think I’d even lower it’s damage to pre-buff levels, whatever that was. Was it 1500?

Then Dilorach. I guess the speed makes sense, but I don’t know if it would be too much for it to have Superior Nullification, now that it’s faster than everything else. That would mean shields and stuff wouldn’t be able to block it.
I think we should wait to buff Dilorach until after all the crazy partials and OP monsters are rebalanced. There’s no telling how it would perform otherwise.

Forgot Erlikogamma. It lost its ability to bypass evasion, and it was one of the only Epic hybrids that could do that without being Distracted. That could make Epic Skill tournaments less balanced.
Debilitating Pounce…could work. But it would do worse on the second turn.
I’m not sure if it needs what amounts to 2 Rampages and an Impact though. Maybe Strike-and-run?

Edit: Did you forget Immunity to Swap-prevention? It needs that.