Turkey Theme Team 🦃

I got my Erlikogamma up to 19 thanks to today’s event and wanted to try it out so I put together this team of turkeys (:turkey:'s) which was sub-par. I got knocked under 4K so I got the pity A.I. which kicked this teams butt twice. I got lucky on the 3rd try to get the right ones picked to get me 2 take-downs so the last two just switched back and forth till I whittled the last one away.

My Team 20200229


I seem to remember Phorusaura and Yoshi being considered feathered for the thanksgiving event. Maybe you could throw those things in to strengthen the team and get rid of Spinonyx and Dilorano.

Phorus and Yoshi have no meat on their bones. :rofl:

Hmm might wanna avoid poor Monomimus then, she is basically a fossil =/

But still the most awesome bird in the game!