"Turn" Mechanics

Anyone else hate how the turn mechanics work for shields?

Long protection lasts 4 turns from the opponent’s perspective even though it says 3 so if u have a creature w no shield break ur done

Instant invincibility only lasts the same turn its used, which is completely inconsistent with how long protections turn mechanic works.

1 “Turn” should be equivalent to 1 round or instant invincibility needs to stick around if the opponent doesn’t hit the shield or long protection needs to get gone after 3 rounds including the round its used… either way the turn mechanics when it comes to need revamping…

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It’s actually based on when the user moves but also attacks. For instance LI is 3 turns, 2 attacks, so either Orion moves 3 times after the shield comes up (not including counters) or you hit the shields twice, whichever comes first. I think it’s a lot better than the older system.

What? It says 4 turns, not 3, and they’re effectively counted from the user’s perspective anyway.

That’s because it lasts for “this turn”, not 1 turn.

Qaw check the field guide and in game description for Quetzorion

It says shields for 2 attacks lasting 3 turns.

I faced one w a Touramoloch.

Turn 1 - He shields i lesser heal

Turn 2 - i hit he rampages

Turn 3 - I emergency heal he striks

Turn 4 from my perspective - shield is still up i speed hit shield stays he rampages for the win.

Being 3 turns AFTER its used means its really 4 turns from the opponents perspective

You said Long Protection, not Long Invincibility.

Stop using opponent’s perspective, that’s not how the turns are counted. It’s the user’s perspective, so 3 turns. If you had attacked instead of healing it would have been 2 turns.

Thats an overly complicated mechanic and inconsistent with instant invincibilitys mechanic, which is the whole point of the discussion.

Like I said, you can’t compare them. Instant Invincibility lasts this turn, not 1 turn. If you don’t know, ask.

it is still consistent with instant invincibility’s mechanic.
This turn: the actions taken by the creature at that time. (This turn ends when both parties have taken an action, even if ability effects become void.)
1 Turn: The next completed action by the affected
2 -4 Turns: same as above for however many actions is necessary.

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