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Turn off russian language. It's totally neudacha!


As I wrote about a week ago, when russian language was alive, it’s totally creep. Nothing changed, it’s still as awful and poor as it was. It’s totally neudacha. What does neudacha mean? It’s how you’ve translated the word ‘attempt’ in event dino.

Do you know what does it mean in russian? It’s ‘fail’. Check it at google.translate

And the whole localisation is like this. I’m ashamed to show screenshots to my friends with this ugly localisation and fonts. It seems like it’s again the 90-s and the games are translated by some pirate studios.

Turn it off, stop disgracing yourself.


Well, it’s not a surprise, but nothing changed.
The whole russian localisation is still absolute awful. It doesn’t attract new players from Russia, it makes the opposite. I had to switch my smartphone language to English cause it’s the only way to switch game’s language. If you would add a button changing localisation you would see that even more people would turn off this disgracing translation.

And the example above is still actual. The simplest word that even Google.translation would translate correct is still in-game like “failure”. The whole localisation, even new phrases, is failure.


Is Euplo still called Scolosaur in the Russian version of the game? I wonder if there will be two different scolosaurs in 1.6 :rofl:


Yep, it is. And I guess they even won’t notice that there would be 2 scolosaurs


I did it and Dracorex Gen 2 meant “Goddest Dinosaur”


It’s Ludia.

King of fail.

It’s their language (fail).