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Turn off vibration? Should i code it for you?

Have no idea how to code anything but seems to be the only way to get this insanely basic feature…

Or make it at least a tiny bit useful:

Set vibration for user selected dinos / events

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Coding it is not the issue, it’s very simple to have a toggle that switches this off.
There’s more work in making space on the settings screen and having proper UX, but still, that’s extremely simple as well. It could just read “Vibration” and “On/off” like the other buttons.

The biggest reason this is not implemented is just because they don’t want to, and why that is… nobody knows. It’s a very much requested feature with only benefits.


The way I usually prevent my phone from vibrating while playing JWA is by turning on its power-saving mode. However, I think it would be much more convenient to have the option to turn the vibration on and off at will in the game’s settings.

Another thread about vibration issue that will be forgotten.

It use more useful doing other things… such as adding useless emotes to make fun of rivals…

Powersave wont work. Seriousley they must have worked hard to make it overrride any settings in the iphone. The only notification that is unstoppable on iphones is this damn thing. I cant play at night because in a quiet room this buzz is really loud. Come on fix this already?

Sound can be turned off but not vibrations. Vibrations are pretty noisy on some phones and I can’t run scents at night because of this.

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Try turning on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode if your phone has it.

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also the screen can rotate on ipad will be awesome.

Vibration is very annoying

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I have do not disturb of course who needs notifications about whatever… calls, apps… white noise, its always there… hundreds a day if i have them on so they are off always. The only noise my phone ever makes is when jwa is on and a dino appears.

Yep, it would be phone specific. My phone’s DND mode shut off vibration and sound at system level.

You shouldn’t need to set up your phone specifically to play JWA - this needs to be fixed in the app. It’s a really simple fix.

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10 turn off the vibration please
20 goto 10

Can only live in hope that they fix this one day.

Honestly i cant play at night because of this. My gf thinks im texting some other girl… Does apple even allow this?

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