Turn skipped in pvp

I recently equipped the ceremonial kris on the wizard and since doing so, her turn in pvp gets skipped quite often.

Hey Robmathes, I’m not really sure why Shevarith’s item, Ceremonial Kris, would cause your turn to skip over. However, if you reach out to our support team here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key and more details, our team would be happy to take a look.

When someone dies it messes up or resets the order of attack.

I’ve actually had this issue randomly in pvp. One of my heroes’ turns will get skipped from time to time. The latest example: my original initiative order was wizard, ranger, cleric, fighter. On the second or third round of battle (no heroes had died yet on either team), my wizard got her turn, then my ranger, then… my fighter. My cleric got skipped over completely. I was keenly aware of it happening because my fighter was in dire need of healing and I was counting on my cleric getting his turn. Since my cleric got skipped for no apparent reason, my fighter did not get healed and died.

Possibly a stun effect?

Oddly enough, right after I posted this, I did another pvp battle and I witnessed my OPPONENT’S cleric get skipped in the initiative order and I certainly did not stun him. My opponent had two heroes left, barbarian and cleric. Their barbarian took a turn, then one of my heroes went, then… the barbarian went again. Their cleric’s turn got skipped. I had not placed any effects on my opponent. It’s pure and simple faulty coding.