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Turn the page... thank you all!

Dear all,
I just wanted to thank all the community the time spent both here and inside the game.

This game has been a important part in my life in which I’ve met a lot of really good Friends in my Alliance. Please @Majulio, @Jose_Rodriguez_Palom let them know this :slight_smile:

However, this stage comes to its end and so Jurassic World Alive. It is hard to say but many circumstances made me take the decision to leave the game:

  1. Latest updates.
  2. Non-rewarding effort policy.
  3. Not hearing players and their needs.
  4. Pay2win abuse.
  5. Personal life.

In fact, the fifth reason is the one which has most weigh. In order to be kind-of-competitive in this game you have two options:

a) +10 daily hours.
b) sell all your organs for team update.

Nevertheless, despite my unhapiness with the game, I do not want to leave Jurassic World Alive with a sad face. Because I cannot forget every happy moment the game has gave me. Yes, it was thanks to the original Ludia, not the Ludia we have right now.

Bye all!



Aww this is amazing. I’ve never seen an I’m leaving page so sweet. I actually read it, and that ‘meme’- it was too sad for a meme- was the icing on the cake! Very sorry to see you go. And keep those organs, please.


You made a meme in honor of yourself?

and spelled his own name wrong in the process.

in memory of @Ardens



Bwahaha I didn’t catch that… That priceless!

Now the meme is making me cry too :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy:

Hey, we would welcome having any of you that are leaving JWA join us over in JWTG. We’re a small group, but very friendly, and since that game doesn’t have any true PvP action (you only fight AI), the hackers don’t really effect the game to the same extent. We’ve just got our fingers crossed that the new “Mods” they are releasing do not have a similar effect on the game we love that it seems to have had for you.

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