Turn un battles

I do not understand very well the system of turns in battles. Whenever I fight with a creature equal to mine and with the same level, my opponent always hits first,
am I bugged??

Perhaps he is boosted…
Or your cellphone and Internet is not so fast, als your opponent

Speed goes like this:

  1. Speed (natural or boosted)
  2. If same speed, the one with higher level
  3. If same level, the one with higher rarity.
  4. If same rarity, the one who presses the button first.

The one who presses the button first…not very seriously…

In the tournament everybody press the button faster than me

Thanks for the information guys!

In the tournament, as it is all lvl 26 with no boosts, then as soon as you see someone bring out the same dino as you then start spamming where your next attack button will appear. That will help in hitting it first.

Well, that is up to internet connection. I usually get to go first

Location plays the biggest role in speed ties… other factors like speee of your phone and internet will play a role but all things equal location trumps. And even if all things are not equal location will most likely trump.