Turtle is finally balanced. Thank you

Title says it all. Turtle was very OP back in 1.12 . Now he’s balanced. He’s still still strong, but also easier to counter. He can stay as he is now. Thank you for this rework
But there is one more epic which needs a nerf. Mammoth (and his hybrids too). You nerfed his HP, but it wasn’t the biggest problem. The biggest problem is his crazy offensive power and Immunity to DoT. I would say his immunity has to go and his attack should be reduced to around 1200. In exchange, I would give him 20% armor. How would you change Mammoth?


Nothing needs a nerf if they don’t nerf procerat. Turtle didn’t need a nerf as bad as procerat either. Just because the turtle was good in a few tourneys.

Procerat causes havoc in lower arenas, tourneys, and upper arenas.


I’d jsut remove Carbonemys immune to DOT to make Carbonemys vs Carbonemys matches not last forever.

As for Mammoth, I’d just cut the attack to 1300. That should be good enough considering it got a health nerf too.

The new deer can kill the mammoth too. Secodon, rexy, allo g2 can kill turtle. There was enough counters the way it was heh. But turtle did need a small touch up. I think sv causing vulnerable after the first hit was enough.

At least the counters aren’t relying on rng.

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Yup and with mammoth o found now that ankylosaurs is better it can do very well against it same with croc, diplodocus, pachy I t just doesn’t feel like mammoth, turtle and allo gen2 have to be run now

In other words there is now more freedom

Now if they could just make Gaia have a maximal counter instead of amor piercing that be great


I agree that Procerat should be nerfed. I wrote that in many many posts.

Say what you want, turtle was OP before 1.13. He had few counters and they were all heavily damaged after the duel (for example: Seco had always 100 HP left assuming no crits. Rex was left slowed and vulnerabled, in other words dead in next turn). After the change he’s still strong but not broken anymore

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And do you really think that Mammoth is fine right now? He’s got pretty high HP, some armor and shield combined with speed control so speedsters are useless against him. He’s Immune to DoT so bleeders are useless against him. He’s got pretty high attack and a basic strike that increases attack so he’s got a very high offensive potential. His 2x attack bypasses armor, what combined with ferocity and high attack results in tanks also being useless against him. So maybe chompers can beat him? Nope, he’s faster than all of them so he can beat them even without using rampage. Maybe sauropods? No, PFS + APR kills them all. Maybe immunes like Secodonto or Dime? Haha no, somehow an elephant outspeeds all of them. Maybe stunners have a chance to severely damage him, of course assuming 100% stun chance.
If you really still think that Mammoth is balanced then show me 5 nonhybrid counters to him

Totally agree it’s balanced. Still found it a bit of a pain in the tournament but only because I haven’t had the right team

Yes to the suggested Mammoth nerf. When set up it can basically kill everything in the tournament

When you don’t land that stun (man 79 misses out of 104 stuns for me) (usually on mammoth) that’ll hurt. That’s why I use alanqa…

The turtle is fine now but what I mean is… why did it get nerfed so quickly when they have power creeps like Prorat around yep.

As for mammoth I think it’s a good 1v1 creature. Yeah stuns are its worst enemy. And the new deer can beat it 1v1 lol. It’s really close but the deer wins without crits involved.


How does removing immunity to DoT change anything in carbo vs carbo?


My bad, I meant vuln immunity. But I wouldn’t be mad at all if it could be bled too.

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I fear that they won’t ever touch Procerat because they fear the wrath of his users…

Hopefully carbo can still beat procerat, if not… then the nerf is absolute garbage.

all that really needs to happen is a small adjustment. nothing drastic. 3000-3300 health and maybe a small reduction of damage. it got a huge buff from the dodge nerf. not saying to bring it down completely, but it is still a bit over buffed imo.

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I didn’t even remembered It getting that lol.

That’s a bad idea. Why should it bleed too? It has enough counters. Grypo can beat it too the list is healthy.

Honestly the problem with procera is not that it’s just an epic(suchotator is just a rare but it’s great, though unlike yoshi It isn’t an issue in the lower arenas) or unbalanced in the endgame, cause It really isn’t a problem there unless overleveled. The problem is that it’s very unbalanced in the lower arenas. Though all It needs is an hp nerf to about 3000. With 3600 hp It has way too much survivability for where people start using It. And this nerf doesn’t ruim the creature, It will still be relevant, just not opressive.