Turtle is finally balanced. Thank you

I think 3000 HP 1500 Attack and 130 Speed would be fine

I don’t think the nerf to speed is necessary, but i would be fine with that too.

That would allow Orion and Phoru to outspeed it. That’s important I think

Try running carbonemys in the arena in Gyrosphere. And then tell me it needs nerfs lol. This one already hurt my team. Because I use the turtle :frowning:

Tell me how viable it is now up here with all maxxed thoradolosaurs maxims and magnas and trykos and other power boosters. Carbo is only strong in the epic field.

That’s the difference between proRat and the turtle. And why the turtle nerf is meh atm.

That’s fine, but It isn’t really necessary that procera loses against them, It could still have a place in the endgame as the fastest one. Although both of those dinos can get faster than procera with sidestep.

But Carbo shouldn’t be viable in higher arenas. Every other epic nonhybrid isn’t. They are destined to be used by lower arena players. Uniques and Legendaries should crush Epic nonhybrids. This is a reward for hard work needed to create them. Otherwise there would be no need to progress and unlock them

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That does make sense and I agree but with procerat around it’s not true. I am fine with carbos nerf though it’s still strong.

But they need to go look at that other creature. Procerat. The one that can cause problems in arena 1 through the beach and in tourneys.

Don’t need to nerf the turtle more. That’s pretty ridiculous imo. It already has a list of counters, also those counters are heavily used in tourneys/lower arenas… and it’s not just because of carbo. So the counters are also good on there own.

It’s miserable to fight in tournaments. Making it bleed makes bleeders more viable in these epic tournaments as a whole. Besides, it can cleanse it anyway.

Procerat can just use nullify on there sidesteps heh.

Anyways, I substituted my lvl 25 carbonemys for this. I still swap carbonemys in for my love and fun but at least it’s a turtle :slight_smile:


I have a long while to make these new ones (close to the legendary, but still gonna be a bit.)
At least i have something to work towards again. I was getting low on stuff to make.

It’s extremely low leveled on my team lol but I like it a lot. Plugged it in already :slight_smile:

Why is everytime I’m eating and checking the forums this guys shows up to get rid of my appetite

i have a feeling that it will loose either immune to distraction or that definite rampage will go. there’s just no way to stop it. (stuns, but not many useful in the metta)


Lol stunner just can’t do much against 30% armor shield and regeneration

Sure It can but that will depend on mind games.

Wow mammolania already! Noice

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I actually think that compared to mammotherium it’s beautiful. Honestly i like the design a lot as for me It “fixed” the ugly genetics from mammotherium :laughing:

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I feel the opposite lol

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At least mammoterium doesnt look like it got cancer and was in constant pain lol

i still think smilon is uglier.

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Me still waiting to unlock Monolorhino to get an actual good Cenozoic model

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