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Tusky hippo (Creature file #80)

Welcome back! Today, We’ll be taking a look at a creature that’s actually a reptile, but related to a mammal. With a tusk, a beak, and a body, I want y’all to welcome the Placerias. Please welcome this creature.


Rarity: Common

Health: 4350

Damage: 1000

Speed: 115

Armor: 10%

Critical: 5%


Superiority Strike

Revenge Decelerating Impact

Passive: Immune to Deceleration and Stun

Possible hybrid: Placotator, Fuse with Placerias and Suchotator

Rarity: Epic

Health: 4540

Damage: 1050

Speed: 113

Armor: 10%

Critical: 20%


Superiority Strike

Lethal Wound

Revenge Decelerating Impact

Instant Distraction

Passive: Nullifying Counter, Immune to Deceleration and Stun

  • The name, Placerias, means “broad body”.

  • Despite Placerias being a reptile, this creature is more related to mammals than they are to reptile.

  • Placerias tusks are used for digging roots, and defending itself against predators, such as Postosuchus.


Coming up next: King meets a ceratopsian with lots of horns


Nope. Keep trying


I can’t help wondering what went on 220 million years ago.

Here is a creature that’s part hippo, part reptile, part bird so what went on, and what creatures were involved when it was created?


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That pretty much sums it up perfectly Qiew :rofl:

Daddy Panda Bear XD

Hp 4500
Atk 1000
Speed 118
Armor 25%
Crit rate 5%
Move set
Superior strike
Revenge Decelerating impact
Dig in
Immune to Decelerating
Immune to stun

That’s correct