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Tutorial - How to get max boost on a single paddock with decorations?

I figured out a strong arrangement to buff a single paddock and felt like sharing. This arrangement uses 2x2 expansions for buffing the dinosaurs. Sorry if this is already somewhere:

Herbivores and pterosaurs:

Carnivores and amphibians:

The effect of boss statues compared to Hammonds is +2%. People with clock towers can replace the inner decorations with them (9x9 outer square of Hammonds stays) for further buff.


Always good to discuss other ideas.

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This is the best decoration boost setup that I’ve been able to conjure:

Best creature: Indoraptor (Level 40, 30, and 20)

Best boost: 716 Percent

Best coin production: 12,658,730 every 10 hours.

Arrangement: 2x rows of Clock Towers (16% boost each) circle the carnivore/amphibian enclosure, 6x Hammond statues (7% boost each) are placed to the left and right of the clock towers, 6x Apatosaurus fossils (10% boost each) are placed above and below the clock towers.


Have a revenue tower that has the entire range filled with maintenance facilities,that will give amazing benefits.

A bunch of my revenue towers do 20 ish million every three hours, I would like to see maintenance facilities match that.

That’s pretty good, although I’m not trying to compete directly against anyone here.

I’m able to go from nothing to 99,999,999 at the click of my badge when necessary so that’s pretty good for me… Especially after placing down Apatosaurus fossils for the trade harbor.

Ok. I think that is quite a lot. I was speaking on a lower level.

Thanks for sharing! Your park arrangement does look very nice aesthetically, with all the roads and stuff.

If my calculations are correct, copying my arrangement, with clock towers instead of the park oases and Hammonds in the inner circle, would give you the boost percentage of 864% for the paddock. If your love for those Apatosaurus fossils is strong (we all need some for the trade harbor), you can keep two middle ones on each side at the cost of 1% bonus. That said, you could still cram four more clock towers in there to buff the paddock without touching the Apatosaurus fossils, at the cost of some empty space and three pieces of road that already have an existing detour route.

Since Clock Towers have 4 range instead of 3, so you can retain the P4 symmetry by leaving one square wide ring outside the paddock empty, then 5x5 clock tower ring, 7x7 clock tower ring and 9x9 Hammond ring respectively. If you’ve noticed the decorations overlapping the paddock edges discussion from the other thread, this is essentially the same thing for one paddock in two dimensions. The effect of not doing this your park’s setup is eight clock towers less than what can potentially reach the paddock. If you don’t own enough clock towers to add any more to this arrangement, 8 Park Oases and some Hammonds can still get you +100% improvement to the bonus compared to your current.

But Dan, since you seem to be generating enough coins already, I have a different idea for you. On the left side, spread out those Hammonds and clock towers a bit and place two extra clock towers there. On the right side, do the same spreading out, but instead of adding towers, remove the two middle Apatosauruses and place a path of three Tropical Boulevards to work as a road for the park visitors to use when they want go see the Indoraptor.

Also, @Sionsith mentioned the rare 7 range decorations, Phoenix Statues or such, in his video. It is possible to fit eight of these into my carnivore arrangement by squeezing in the outer Hammond ring at places. Assuming you have those, of course. I personally have none.

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Thanks for the tips but I’ve tried many combinations and other decorations won’t reach from that far to increase things beyond what I have now.

I’ll mess around with it a little bit later, but I’m pretty sure this is the best I’m going to be able to do.

Also thanks for the compliment regarding the aesthetics… I’ve gone back and forth over the years between max coin-production and the park being aesthetically pleasing so this is sort of an evolutionary hybrid of those two areas of focus.

UPDATE: Okay, so @Agantas you’ve motivated me to experiment a little bit with some other decorations… I was able to execute a slight increase in the boost by swapping some Hammond Statues with a couple of the special decorations. Looks like I may need to purchase some more of those Haast (Eagle) Statues next time they become available:

I went from: 716% up to 728% (a solid 12% increase, not bad…)

This now takes me from 12,658,730 coins every 10 hours to 12,844,889.

It’s definitely possible to squeeze out a little bit more, but it’ll take some doing.

So let’s see… If I swap the remaining 8x Hammond Statues around my Indoraptor paddock for Haast (Eagle) Statues that would add another 24%, bringing the total boost to 752%.

After that I guess I could swap the Apatosaurus fossils for Haast Statues as well to tweak it even further. I could squeeze 9x on either side, for 18x total. Let’s see, as I’ve currently got 6x Apatosaurs fossils on either end, that would be 12x taken away for 18x Haast Statues… Giving me another… 60% boost, so that means the highest it could be is 812% around a single Carnivore/Amphibian paddock. Next time Ludia puts the Haast Status into the packs for sale I’m going to load up.

Unless, am I missing something here @Sionsith? I mean, obviously you could go higher than that with decorations around an Herbivore/Pterosaur paddock, but nothing is going to out-earn my Indoraptor at this point. Is that the highest boost you can put around a single Carnivore/Amphibian paddock in the game?

I would love to get another revenue tower one day.


If you have lots of Hass statues you could go quite high, here I am using one along with two boss decorations and I am at 803

So if you had an additional 29 Hass statues to replace the John Hammonds you could take it to 890, and then add two more boss statues and you would get to 904.

I think this is my highest 4x4 paddock producer:

Which the 10,943,890 per 8 hours comes out to 1,367,986 per hour if I do this configuration.

For herbivore I was able to get to this:

There are 31 John Hammonds that could be switched out to Hass statues which would add another 93%
This is my best 5x5 producer:

Which at 9,129,245 per 3 hours is 3,943,082 per hour.

And for both configurations the more boss statues you have it could go even higher.

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Now that… Is helpful. Thank you.

I’m getting a nice little boost from the shuffle here, but it’s definitely less aesthetically appealing. I think it’s worth it- I always want at least one giant revenue source in my park, so why not the Indoraptor?

Your Metriaphodon paddock sure looks like a nice money bank.