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Tutorial - Improving outcome of the TH

No, this thread is not about how to do the apato fossil method in the TH. You can find enough information about this in the forums. If you don´t know the basic method you should watch this tutorial by @Sionsith.

I want to talk about even improving that a little to get more of a specific resource. Let us assume everybody wants to maximize the amounts of bucks.
As you all might know there is a maximum of trades which can be in the TH. As far as I know it is 6 or 7. If this maximum is reached, no new trade will appear until the oldest one expires or you accept a trade. You also have to know, that there can just be 1 apato trade per category, so it is impossible to get apato to coin twice in the TH for example. And this how you can use this functions:
This are all the trades which are in the harbour after the night for example, so that the maximum is reached and a new trade is already waiting to come in. (I have a clean market in exception of apato fossils.)

Apato to coins
Apato to food
Apato to bucks
LP to creature
Bucks to decorations
Food to coins
(Another trade will come in if one of the trades expires or get accepted)

Here you see 3 Apato trades. Now you need to accept the trade Apato to Bucks FIRST. Then you have a higher chance, that the trade, which will come in instantly, becomes another Apato to Bucks trade, because the Apato to Coins and Apato to Food trades are already blocked.
If you have any questions to this feel free to ask here.

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But once the Apato to Coin and food trades are blocked,then they will expire,but no new trade will come . I keep multiple Apatosaurus fossils all the time.

I don’t really understand what you are meaning.

My bad,my grammar is really bad. I did not understand it properly,you mentioned that,if there are 3 Apatosaurus fossil trades,to choose the bucks trade first,I thought when the others expire,new ones will not come in immediately,so I was wondering why lose trades. I keep loads of Apatosaueus fossils stocked incase I need to level up really fast for a event or so,and also they act as a coin bank,use in trade harbor.

You r correct

Trades do not refresh instantly after a trade is executed. A new trade shows up every 30 minutes.


I use the apato fossils as coin and xp banks

@Andy_wan_kenobi, normally you are right. If you log in frequently enough you will have to wait for the next trade to come in. But if you were offline a longer time you get the maximum of trades in the TH and 1 trade which will come in as soon as you take a trade or one trade expires. You can easily proof this, if you log in in the morning after you slept many hours.

I login extremely often,just for the trade harbor

I never said you are loosing trades, I think. This trick is just about using this one trade when you weren´t logged in for some time, which will come in right after you took one trade, the best way.

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I get what you are saying, however I have had multiple Apatosaurus Fossil for bucks trade at the same time, also food, and DNA. I don’t think there is a preset limit that says if you have an AF for Bucks trade you can’t get another until that trade is taken or removed. But you are correct in that in the morning or after a long break if you take one trade it is possible to get another immediately.


I don´t know whether we understand us right @Sionsith. I know it is possible to have multiple apato fossil trades at the same time, but they are all for a different resource. For example you can have all the following trades at the same time:
Apato to Coin, Apato to Food, Apato to DNA and Apato to Bucks.

But I never got one of these 4 categories twice at the same time in the TH, so I said this is impossible. By the way, what does AF mean?

I get them from time to time, 2 different trades, both for bucks. AF = Apatosaurus Fossils

I have also gotten two at a time for Food or DNA as well and I am saying that both trades were either food or DNA and not one food and one DNA.


I think I know what you mean. You are talking about Food trades in general. There it is possible to get multiple trades. For example Coins to Food and AF to food at the same time. Is that what you are talking about?

I mean two trades which are both AF to Food for example won’t show off at the same time.

And I am saying yes they will, I have had them, also with DNA, and DB. Unless I am going crazy in my old age which is possible.

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Ok, let us end this theme here, cause we could discuss that for hours. :joy:
I am still convinced by my theory, but maybe I am wrong with this. From now on I will take a closer look to the TH offers and as soon as I see this doubled trades in the TH, I will post this here. If you or any others see one in the future either feel free to show me that I am wrong.
(I don´t care who of us is right here, I just want to know how it is in reality)

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I’ve also from time to time had duplicates of all of these. The DNA and DB trades are just rarer in general so you are less likely to get two at a time then for food or coins. But play long enough and you will see them.

I agree your conviction has me questioning mine, I will pay close attention to my Trade Harbor and try and capture some double trades.


I am almost 100% completely confident that I have had duplicate trades in my harbor before. Of fossils for some resource (coins, food, DNA) - don’t think I’ve ever been fortunate to have 2 fossil for bucks trades at the same time. But I know that the others will have duplicates presented at the same time asking for a specific item (fossil) and offering the same specific resource though in different quantities. Different quantities being like 1.6M coins for one and 1.7M coins for the second, but offered at the same time. I’ll try and get a screenshot next time I see that.


Yes, you see duplicates in the same time period for different resources. Hammond for dino bucks, hammond for coin, Hammond for food.

I see it most often for legendarys. First offering coins, then 30 min later, offering food, then offering lp. I just had one today. TH wanted amargasaurs. First for coin, but then for 2600 LP. I was hoping for a cash offer, so I waited until 5 min before expire to take it. I can replace it for 7500 dna(less on sale), but it was also a dino I had no plans to hatch.

I know most of you value dna over lp, but as non vip, its harder to come by lp.

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