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Tutorial - Improving outcome of the TH

I actually watched the video. Here are a few things you should add…

I think your wasting resources which custom trades of fossils. Your better off trading legendary creatures.

I would agree with you about keeping your market clean, I would differ with you about eliminating all the legendary creatures from it. Yes, you get fossils essentially for free (coins are worthless). But when you get a trade harbor offer for those legendarys, the value far exceeds the offer for the fossil. In custom trades legendarys fetch 600-1000 LP. I would say the best custom trade would always be legendary for LP.

In regular trade harbor, the trades for legendarys also exceeds return on fossil. Again, I know you get the fossils for free. But you also get the legendarys for free in pvp battles. I probably have 400 legendarys in my inventory that would exceed the return of the fossil. All earned in daily challenges and pvp battles.

So while i would agree with you keep the harbor empty of all but fossil, I would say keep you legendarys in there that you never plan to hatch. I will post pics as those offer come in.

Also another way to get around your lack of fossils in Your market is use a few a few as park multipliers. That way if you get stuck where you desperately need 2 and market is down to 1, you can pickup one or two that are already being used in your park. Replace them when crisis is over.

Here is some proof. Some are trade harbor some are custom trades. All exceed the value of the fossil. In pvp non modded battles, I would guess I add about 1 legendarys per 10 spins.


That video is Sionsith’s and not OP’s.

I just wanted the correct your #1. The 24-hour cooldown starts after your first 50 DB refresh. Works the same way with your Custom refreshes too.

Try it tomorrow and you can confirm that it should be significantly less than 24 hour cooldown if you used the 3 refreshes hours apart.

Oops your right. It does start after the first 50 spent. I checked his video and it was at 23:45 after the last 50 was spent.

But my info is correct about fossils not being worth it in custom trades and regular legendarys have more value in both custom trades and trade harbor.

I know for an early player, trading off legendarys might not make sense. But at a certain point, your looking past them to bigger dinos. So hatching the lesser ones, wasting chamber space, and especially spending dino bucks to do it is a waste. I will try to track it, but I suspect super rare and hybrids would also exceed the value of fossils in all trades.

I guess I am proposing a zero decoration strategy to trade harbor. Use your coins exclusively to buy legendary dinos, food, or dna.

You are correct in that legendaries do bring higher offers except when it comes to DB, some do some don’t. If it’s a tournament creature I hatch it, so they are excluded from my thinking When it comes to offers in the TH. I only do the AF to LP trade in the Custom trades when I am looking for guaranteed LP returns. Currently I am doing coins for Jurassic creatures as I am striving to max out my rare hybrid paddocks, I am very close. When I get a legendary creature during this or from PvE events or PvP rewards I will leave them in my TH if I don’t have an open spot for them to go. However the first trade I get for them be it food, dna, LP, or DB I take regardless of which trade it is. I consider it a bonus when I get the DNA or LP offers for them.


I non vip players can’t trade decorations for cash. Non vip can’t trade coins for decorations either.

If the guaranteed return is higher for legendary for lp (never tried dna or food), why would you ever do a fossil as a custom trade? If you play a modest amount of pvp, daily missions, infinity battle, ect, adding 4-6 legendarys a day is doable.

I never did many custom coin for dino trades. So I really dont know what’s the best you can do from such a trade. If your getting quality dinos for hatching or for trade harbor, then I would say go for it. Sounds like a better use of a custom trade than a fossil for LP.

I will track all the dino bucks trade harbor offers I get for legendarys. I suspect super rare and hybrids would yield more LP or dino bucks than a fossil. But if your correct a fossil would get a better dino buck trade harbor offer, then That would be the only reason to have them in your market.

I am sure I would love those to do those clock tower trades I always see.

I’ve gone back and forth on whether to do trades for legendaries…but I’m finding them so valuable to increasing my Code 19 rewards that I generally am hatching most of the Jurassics. Many of the aquatics and cenos I don’t have a lvl 40 of so often hatch those as well. Left in my market, they generally only bring coins or food unless I hold out for something better which means passing up food offers I otherwise could have taken…and as mentioned they often have much less for DBs than the fossil brings. It’s really only DNA and LPs where they are a bonus but those are so much harder to get. So definitely find it better to get rid of them quickly. If I don’t want to hatch it I try to time finishing the event around when my custom trades refresh.


Hard pass, there is a thread “Trade Harbor Travesty” where we like to post our outrageously bad trades at.


I am beginning to question my conviction, I have been scouring the TH since our discussion and I have yet to see a double trade, while they were not very frequent when I have “seen” them I am begging to question if I ever did. I will continue to monitor my TH but I am now at a 50/50 where I believe your point the same as mine. After a few more days I will tip in your favor. Thank you for bringing this up in discussion.


Here are some from today


I don’t really understand what these trades have to do with the current theme of this thread.

He wanted to show how dinos bring better trades than Apatosaurus fossils.

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I would personally love to keep my Spinoraptor back with me,I have him at level 20,and he helps a ton with the tournament. But it is upto you to do that trade.

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I got 2× Apatosaurus fossil for DNA trades in a single refresh.

That fossil trades are not that good at all. They are bad for custom trades and they are comparable to worse to dino trades,

They are far away from beeing bad…
If the game would ask you whether you want 400 DNA or 1M food for free, would you refuse it? This is what the fossil trades do. They are giving you comparable good resources for gold, which is worthless.


Your missing the point of the argument.

Can we agree emptying out your market is better for getting higher trades?

What I am saying, in custom trades, legendary, dinos will yield more dna, Dino bucks, food, or loyalty points than a fossil. Can we agree on that? Non vip can’t trade fossils for dino bucks.

People who support the empty out your market and wait for fossil trades are making a miscalculation. The legendary your hatching has more value in Dino bucks, dna, food, and LP than a fossil in regular trade harbor too.

Let’s take today. Daily mission Gave a trex, Infinite battle Gave a velociraptor, Pvp battles To do daily challenges gave a 2 more Dino’s. 1 sr, 1 legendary. So that’s +4 Dino’s ( and I still have not done tournament today, that probably will add 3 or 4 more).

I don’t need any of those Dino’s. So the empty the market strategy says to hatch them. So what is it going to cost Speed up a slot to hatch the trex? For sake of argument, let’s say $50. You had an open slot.

Trex takes 2.5 days to hatch. I have 3 other Dino’s to hatch ASAP to clear the market, so say $450 or a fossil to clear the trex. Now what are you going to with the trex? Sell it for dna? That will net you 1850. So you probably spent $500 Dino bucks to get 1850 in dna. Is that a good trade?

What I am suggesting is don’t hatch, the trex. Save it for a trade harbor trade. If you cleared your market of fossils, you will probably get a more dna, lp or Dino bucks for the trex.

In the example I posted above, it was a super rare 9k dna dino that netted a 554 in Dino cash. It cost me nothing as it was won in pvp. I did not waste money hatching it nor did I waste space in the hatchery.

I am sure if people gathered enough data to figure out what Dino’s in trade harbor normally exceed the value of a fossil. I suspect, most legendary, Some super rare, and most hybrids.


Very convincing
I personally hatch most of my useless legendaries just to ensure I will get their half DNA. I don’t want to wait until a good DNA or DB trade show up, as they may take some time . But, I never thought that these hatching removes one of your most valuable resources , SPACE at the hatchery. You may are right, the time you should wait for a good legendary creature trade worths if you save more hatchery slots.