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"Tutorial" of how to play in mid-high Arenas

Here are some precious, strategic tactics:

Start with Tryko, hit anything in sight with Impact, then swap to Rhino or Rat.

Start with Magna, hit twice hoping for a crit, or maybe after the first hit swap to Rhino or Rat.

Start with Tenonto. If it’s against a long neck. Hit once, heal and rampage. If it’s against something else, hit once, then swap to Rhino or Rat.

Start with a strong long neck. Hit twice and win if you’re faster. If you aren’t, swap to Rhino or Rat.

Some top secret tactics there, that almost no one is using. But be careful, they might fail if the opponent swaps a better Rhino or Rat on you!


A few more

Start with strong damage Spyx, use Precise, if you don’t kill the opponent, Rhino or Rat.

If you see Dioraja, immediately swap to Grypo! After you obliterate it, you can heal to counter the next creature once. And maybe swap to Rhino or Rat.

Start with Mammolania, tank anything that don’t hit through armor twice in a row. But if you don’t have enough attack power to beat the opponent first, swap to Rhino or Rat.


Just to add to this, you can also add Ceramagnus to your team when you unlock it and swap to that one, too! After all, why stop at 2 annoying swap-in dinos when you could have 3?!


don’t forget wolly

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Hey Arnold, are you in any JWA Facebook groups?

I’ve been in two and they’re filled with groupies that support the rats and rhinos. So toxic and don’t consider it a cheap move cause its “just part of the game” :roll_eyes:

I asked once if they got into a fair fight if they’d liked being punched in the “no no” zone. It didn’t go over well cause they said it wasn’t the same thing. :rofl: I thought it was hilarious.

Nah I don’t follow those groups… And I see it’s a good thing cause I have enough of a hard time being polite arguing in here with people who defend this crappy mechanics… When everyone does the same thing, then something is clearly wrong.

Like, of course this topic is sarcastic, but it’s very true, especially regarding Tryko, the first one I wrote… When the opponent starts with Tryko I already roll my eyes, cause you KNOW they’ll hit you once and swap to one of those…

I got banned out of the last one I was in because I ask if people liked it when their opponent doesn’t allow them a single kill when you’re working towards your 10 Takedowns.

Some dude called me a Karen, I called him a jerk and BOOM, banned. I actually laughed. I was about to leave anyway because I was done with the toxicity.

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