Hi there! I’m a newbie, wet behind the ears, I’m only on level 4 as of downloading the app yesterday. I’ve done a couple battles. I see that there’s the boss dinos out there too now. I guess I have a few questions if someone is willing to point me in the right direction? I don’t really understand what raids are? Is there a YouTube channel or a general article that explains how to utilize those things & properly play battles etc? I’ve just been droning the creatures on my map until the max attempts & doing the daily requirements. The tutorial yesterday was a bit overwhelming to process. Just need to know where to look so I don’t get frustrated. I’m trying to figure out how to play & there’s so much my brain’s trying to process. Any help, suggestions, guidance… I’d be forever grateful! Thank you so much!!!

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I would suggest getting rare hybrids if you have the creatures needed (Made from common creatures lvl 5)

Majundasuchus - Majungasaurus + Nundasuchus
Inostherium - Inostrancevia + Archaeotherium
Ankylocodon - Ankylosaurus Gen 2 + Ophiacodon
Suchotator - Suchomimus + Irritator Gen 2
Diplotator - Diplocaulus + Irritator Gen 2
Einiasuchus - Nundasuchus + Einiosaurus
Purrolyth - Lythronax + Purussaurus Gen 2

Then after that work towards Epic Hybrids( Rare Hybrids + Rares/Commons or Rare + Rare or Rare + Common or Common + Common(All creatures lvl 10))

Majundaboa - Majundasuchus + Titanoboa Gen 2
Sarcorixis - Einiasuchus + Sarcosuchus
Ankylodicurus - Ankylocodon + Doedicurus
Argenteryx - Archeopteryx + Argentavis
Scaphotator - Diplotator + Scaphognathus
Purutaurus - Purussaurus + Carnotaurus
Scorpios Rex Gen 2 - Monolophosaurus Gen 2 + Carnotaurus
Thylacotator - Suchotator + Marsupial Lion

Just to name a few
Also use this website to look at dinos and hybrids(The stats are the stats at Basic Level(26)): Dinodex | Jurassic World Alive - JWA Toolbox

Hope This Helps!


Raids are a battle format with 4 players fighting a boss (which can sometimes have minions alongside them).
Each player selects 1 creature and that will be the one to enter the battlefield with the other creatures chosen by the rest of the players. In bigger raids (Legendary, Unique, Apex) there are certain strategies that require specific creatures with a specific level, stats and abilities to use in each turn so the strat will be completed quickly.
In Rare and Epic raids, strats are not usually necessary, just make sure you have something that counters the boss and you’re pretty much good after that.
You may have noticed that some raids are locked, and this is because of level restrictions, you have to reach a specific level to be able to raid a specific raid (ex: Lvl 18 fir Apex Raids, lvl 16 for Unique Raids).
There are youtube channels like ProC, IDGT and The Gaming Tiger who usually raid and also share their own pvp gameplays, so you can watch them to get a bit of knowledge from the higher players.


Raids are also the reason why all the moves have a “target”, like " target: lowest HP foe" or “Target: team”. These usually don’t affect PvP battles as it is just 1v1 at a time, but if you’re fighting a flock (Compsognathus, Dodo, Coelurosauravus…), Group attacks can usually take out multiple of them instead if just 1.


What’s on your team as of now?


Yes what is on ur team right now

Yes what is on ur team right now?

I apparently got a temp ban today and i have zero clue as to why?? I’ve emailed Ludia to find out as í signed up for VIP and been playing non stop to evolve creatures. I can get in to screenshot my pvp team. I’ve dropped like $50 to buy coins specifically to be able to evolve my level 12,13 & 14s. I will let you guys know as soon as I get info on what’s happened. I don’t talk to anyone on there and have zero clue as to what i did. I’ll be in touch soon. 15 hours left lol. I feel so yucky. I’ve never been banned for anything so I’m offended if I’m being honest.

I’m halfway thru level 9 as of this morning btw

I posted a screenshot of my pvp list

I posted a photo of the list. Definitely open to adjustments

Change tita for velo or tri

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What else do you have? Right now the only thing I would change is Titanoboa G2 because of its level, but the other options aren’t viable either.

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I would say Carbonemys is the way to go. Also, I suggest to not level up everything as soon as you see it’s ready if you’re not going to use it any time soon, that way you save up coins for stuff you could really give some use to. Try to get more Epic Hybrids; Argenteryx, Thylacotator, Megalotops, Brontolasmus, Scorpios Rex Gen 2 and Indominus Rex Gen 2 are extremely helpful at your level and can get you up pretty quickly. Suchotator is a Rare Hybrid that I also 100% recommend to use.


If u can get epic hybrids and rare hybrids that’s good and both Albertosaur and carbonemys are really good but lvl up Albertosaur before u put it in ur team

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Thank you so so much!!!

I have a quick question, how’d you get Allosinosaurus lvl 20 without Allosaurus lvl 15 and Sinoceratops lvl 15?

When i leveled up, i bought a $1.99 deal thing & Allasino was in there. Then he popped up on my map for 5 days straight & i darted him whenever i could