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Tweaking Grypolyth

Everyone remembers carbo vs carbo. Those were awful. But now behold, the stalliest and most mind-numbing thing in the game: grypolyth vs grypolyth.
Grypolyth basically got buffed as its regen has a 2 turn cooldown and it gained an immunity to stuns. With no escape, grypo is still a top tier. However, a problem arises when 2 grypolyths meet in battle: they stall the match until the bitter end. I actually figured out that there are a limited number of turns a match can take thanks to this matchup. It can immobilize, swap (and not leave to not take a counter), and then regen constantly. No one wins until someone gives up.
An idea I have is to make grypo resistant to stuns instead of immune, so that way if you stun an opponent after they regen, you can swap out. Or, maybe make it resist pinning effects so that you don’t bore yourself to death.


This happened to me twice today in the tournament… it’s so annoying :smile: eventually, the first time my opponent gave up, but the second time we ran out of moves… but, funny thing, I won the match, since I took one of their creatures and they took none of mine, I didn’t know you can win with just one takedown… but it’s cool, because before 2.0 the match simply timed out without anyone winning… so at least it’s not a complete waste of time now

And, of course, I agree that grypo should be fully immune to swap prevention to prevent this from happening

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While I don’t think I’d want it FULLY immune, I would think resisting it is a bit necessary.

And how did you find out about that there Are limited amount of turns? Could it be our 10 min grypolyth battle, that i decided to let my crocodile die so we could get out of that match up , cause you wouldent :wink:

But yes, give it maybe a 50 % chance to get stunned, would make it a lot smoother :+1:

Or a 100 % swap prevent resistance , yeah thats probably the best option

Mammolania vs Mammolania: allow me to introduce myself

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Yes. I don’t want another one of those

At least you can swap out of it


True but when it’s the last creature my goodness at least with turtle you can weaken them with SV

Yeah, that sound awful as well

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Dio vs Dio is also a slog. Very true you can swap out here, but shield > IIT > shield > rampage seems to be how they all go and it takes like 5 or 6 rounds of this before it ends or someone swaps to a rhino/vex/phoro

But dio cannot regenerate. The matchup takes about 3 minutes, but it ends eventually


of course, but it can cause some headaches in the tourney. Not nearly as bad as grypo or lania to some extent, but still annoying.

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