Twelve dinosaurs in team

Make it happen. It will improve so many of the issues we have. I can list all the reasons if needed. It’s a good idea be like Nike and “Just do it”.
P.S idea is as simple as having 12 dinos to randomly select from instead of 8 (some people were unsure).


Ok I’ve got a minute.
Yes twelve dinos will cost people coins and we will complain. However;
• We are going to complain regardless
• We will buy more coins making y’all money.
• Great way to freshen up game with out nerfing anything we love
• Makes people relying on Thor or Dracoceratops less likely to get them in the battle, which also means
• Less incentive to completely over Boost 1 Dino and having a Balanced team is more important.
• More Variety in battles rather than the same battles every single time.
• it’s a great idea make it happen


Love love love love love this idea!!!


Good one! I second :slight_smile:


This is an excellent suggestion!




Interesting idea, Aaron_Norris. Would battles still work the same and it’s just choosing from a larger pool of dinos for the match?


@Rantz Idea

My next suggestion is this - It is now time for a 12 to 16 dino team with cooldown periods for dinos. Ludia themselves say to spread boosts evenly over your team and roster and well, it’s a nice idea, but reality is something different, especially with boosts for sale every day. Soon there will be thors and trykos and the like that are just unstoppable. All people will need to do is draw just one of them and it’s a 0-3 match. Larger teams and cooldowns will force people to even things out. Perhaps at player level 15 you need a twelve dino team, and at 18 you go to a 16 dino team. I myself like the idea of a two battle cooldown, meaning once a dino is selected for a battle it cannot be selected again for two more battles.

My idea :

A-B-C-D brackets every bracket will have 3 Dinos(total 12),RNG choose one from each bracket to total 4.

Maybe a mix up


I’m not sure what the OP idea is. But I’m all for having battles exactly the same, just 12 dinosaurs instead of 8 for the RNG to choose 4 from! Cooldown would be more difficult to implement, but I could go either way on that part


Yes please



Originally I didn’t like this idea, but if boosts are removed I would happily have this for arena diversity then boosted garbage now. We’d see a lot of old dinos make a comeback.

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I think I like this idea too.

A. Things like Thor and Draco would only get selected 1/3 of the time rather than 1/2 of the time. There’d be a lot fewer complaints about things being overpowered if we came up against them less frequently.

B. It would give me a reason to work on uniques I’m currently not bothering with. Tenontorex has no place on my team currently, so I’m not even working on components. If I needed an extra 4 slots for arena it would give me a reason to work on it and bring it to the team.

Just need to consider lower level players, who might struggle to get a full team of 12.


Maybe 8 per team until Lockwood, then 12? But then what do you do with people bouncing back and forth and having to update their team 3x per day

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I’ve thought of larger teams in the past but was just thinking about it again yesterday. At level 10 you would go from an 8 dinosaur team to a 12 dinosaur team. After battling the dinosaurs just used would have a one battle cool-down. So there would always be 8 dinosaurs being chosen from but the chance of the same dinosaurs showing up battle after battle would be removed.

If you looked at your team in your dinodirectory, the dinosaurs not available for the next battle would be indicated either by shading them or with a mark. You could swap them out of your team with another dinosaur that might be available, but until a battle is completed, the cool-down on them remains so you couldn’t just quickly swap them out and back in to remove the cool-down.

I even like the thought of going to a 16 dinosaur team at 20 with a 2 battle cool-down.

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10 dinos and we will call it a deal

Possibly when you reach L20 they unlock?

No no cooldowns that ruined JWTG. 12 dino roster wouldn’t be bad at all though.


Oh great…more RNG, because we dont have enough already…and if that’s not enough, now we need twice the amount of coins, time to grind and dna to evolve 12 dinos instead of 6 dinos.

Perhaps start with ten so ppl can get used to it first :wink: