Twente 9-9 looking for new players

Hi, Twente recruiting. Mostly Dutchies, but communication can be English as well. We cleaned house and have some room. Our top guys beating M-Rex and will help you with all raids. We use line chat to organize raid teams. Only real requirement is playing weekly tournament, so 2000bp and up. Besides that we just have fun. Cya at Twente.

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Hey, ik ben toevallig een Nederlander heb momenteel 4599bp, mijn sterkste Dino is ardentis lvl 24, kzou graag de alliance willen joinen.
Is er nog plek voor mij vrij?
En heet de alliance: Twente?

Translated from Dutch

Hey, I happen to be Dutch I currently have 4599bp, my strongest Dino is ardentis lvl 24, I would like to join the alliance.
Is there still room available for me?
And is the alliance called: Twente?
Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

ohhh my old Guild!!!

Is Groschlong or whatever is it spelled still there?

Bump. We are still growing. Easy 10-9. 6 active officers that help all low lvls in raids. You have a 4K tryo? We make sure you win M each week. Dutch roods but everyone is welcome. Apply at Twente or check us out on discord.