Twin Stygimoloch VIP Tournament - 11/22/2019 - 11/25/2019 (Open stygimoloch tournament?)

In the jurassic world TG news tab that the tournament is only for vips, but it’s open to everyone! The event was not to be closed exclusively for the vips?

I have the same question

Same question @Keith

Mine is in the VIP section

Can someone remind me of the usual bottom dominator range for vip tournaments please?

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I hope it’s a mistake …

Mine is nowhere.

I see the VIP tournament in the news section but I’ve got no access anywhere.

Update: Anyone having the same problem should restart the game. It fixed mine.

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It has moved to VIP section. But still we the non-Vip players can play.
Please let us know weather we will receive the final winning cards or unnecessarily our creatures will be going for the recovery mode.

If you restart your game it should be where it is supposed to be:

Have you exited your game and then came back into the game is it still playable?

Yes, I exited the game. Closed it properly. Still it is playable.

The only other 3 day VIP tournament was just shy of 1,000 trophies:


It is still playable for me too

Anyone look at the top prize?

First two cards are 1,000 bucks or 5,000 DNA

Last two are stygimoloch!


Hmmm interesting my guess is you won’t have access to it by the end, the question is if you can play high enough and fast enough before you can’t get in anymore if you will still get a reward at the end. It’s a risk you could take but if you aren’t supposed to get access you can’t be too mad if you aren’t allowed to get the prize.

Well I am not VIP and I cant access it (hope this helps)

Were you able to participate at least once prior to it going VIP?

No. TBH I had not looked previously.

Here is my first session.

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For data projections, if needed.

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I raced up to dominator early in the day. Just wondering if anyone has seen a bottom of dominator less than 200 points?

I’m thinking it starts at 200 at the beginning of a tournament.