Twin Stygimoloch VIP Tournament - 11/22/2019 - 11/25/2019 (Open stygimoloch tournament?)

mine is low 200’s atm as well

I am wondering the same things as well. I am not a VIP but for some reason I have access to this tourney… I would really like the styglomich… as I only have one hat was given out a while ago. I don’t want to waste my time playing the tourney only if I’m going to get the rug pulled out from under me at the end! Does anyone have a response from Ludia yet?

Were you able to participate in the tournament before they moved it to the VIP section? I think that if you managed to get a battle in before it was moved you might be in the “system” so to speak with no real easy way to remove you. I am not sure about what happens at the end of the tournament though.


I think the tourney should be open to all, VIP or not, since it was [mistakenly?] made available in the general section this morning.


Yes, I happened to be playing the game when the tournament went live so I got about 7-8 battles in before they moved it to the VIP section… I was really excited to see a tournament for a Dino that I don’t have already!

I’d be really surprised if they don’t block non-VIPs from getting the prize or locking them out at some point since certainly a big reason behind having such a rare prize would be to encourage more people to pony up for a VIP membership.

@DinoStan I agree that the tourney should be made available to all, but I guess we will see what Ludia does… they are usually pretty generous when mistakes like this happens…


Has anyone landed the jackpot on the prize wheel yet? Happened to me twice in almost 3 years so I don’t hold out much hope but surely someone, somewhere will get lucky?!

Also, is this the first time that a twin VIP creature pack has been a prize?!

I was wondering the same… what a time to land on it if you do! Of course, they could make it even harder to get than normal, we have no idea what the actual probability is.

I would like to be in the tourney.

Would be amazing timing!

If anyone is fortunate enough, I wonder if they’ll be brave enough to post on here and cope with the envy of everyone else! :smile:

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ive gotten the usual torture from the prize wheel so far of landing just after or before the pack <_<, still hate that it shows a wheel and doesnt just give me a prize, dont get my hopes up game :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d be strutting round wearing my stygimogloch on my head. You’d never hear the end of it

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Winning the top prize from the ‘wheel of disappointment and false hopes’ wouldn’t cause envy per se, just a ban from the forums followed by Internet curses like, “May you live the rest of your life constantly feeling like you must go to the bathroom without actually needing to.” :slightly_smiling_face:


So basically, you’re going to curse the winner with cystitis

You brute.


I was thinking more of tenesmus, lol.


My second day.

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Anyone else very annoyed that LPs aren’t on the prize wheel? (packs notwithstanding of course). :grinning:

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Today’s progress


Finally got my run in