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Two accounts

I use to play this game back in college about 4-5 years ago. My phone broke however, and I didn’t have my old passwords to my old account. I had some solid progress on it and I was just wondering if there was anyway to get that account but my current account is already past where my old was. I hate to waste that dna I had and if it was for me losing my account at them at time idk be way better off now and maybe never took a break. Is there anything that can be done? If not without erasing my current account then that is fine I don’t want to get rid of my current progress.

This game is only like 3 years old. . .

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Two years. There’s also the chance they went to the wrong game

Hey Hertz, may I ask which game your old account was for? If your game was linked to either a Facebook or Google Play account, you’d be able to access the saved game by reconnecting to the same Facebook/Google Play in the game.

If you’re still having issues, however, please reach out to our support team here at