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Two Active players looking for alliance

Looking for an alliance with two spots available. Preferably with lots of active players in Australian timezones for raids :slight_smile:
Both accounts do 10 kills in tournaments and daily incs
Both accounts have boosted dinos to help kill mortem and hadros
Level 20 and 16
Please let me know if you have spots

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While we’d love to have you we only have one spot available at the moment.

if you are interested the name of the alliance and MyVeryWaitJurassicfes leader arme84 # 1337

Team Invincibles have 2 slots available. add me on discord Dinohunter@7424.
We are a top50 alliance, 3 Lvl20 sanctuaries and do all the raids. We have australians, asians, europeans and americas in the alliance, pretty international.

Hi there! My alliance would welcome you with wide open arms. We rank 6-7 each week or higher on missions, everyone gets there 10 in each week in tournaments.

Our alliance name is The Chaos Theory .

If you haven’t joined an alliance yet, check out my post: Growing Alliance with Multiple Spots Open

Thanks for the offers :slight_smile: I’ve found a great alliance.