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Two additional fusing option for improve mechanism: massive fusion, quality fusion

I think this had been mentioned several times, here I’ll suggest some new fusing mechanism with concept pic:

Here’s the normal fusing UI

Add a button below, and allow us to select some additional fusion type:


Unlocked when a hybrid arrived need more than 1000 DNA per level.
(Rare lv15, Epic lv20, Legendary lv25)
Spend 10x DNA & coin, and produce 150~500 hybrid DNA per fusion.

Hybrid DNA produced from every fusion now is 10~100, but the average is about 22 per time.
This massive fusion mechanism got different range, but the overall average amount must be about 220.

And the attempts for massive fusion should be limited, 20 attempts for rare, 10 for epic and 5 for legendary every day.


Directly unlocked when you able to fuse DNA for any hybrid, except rare class hybrids.
Spent the same DNA amount, but 2x coins.
The main purpose for this fusion is spend twice coins to gain guaranteed 20 DNA per time.

So the initial fusing DNA product probability won’t been changed, but while it intend to give you 10 DNA, will change the consequence into 20 DNA.
But if it intend to give you 20~100 DNA, the consequence won’t be changed.
Quality fusion also got limited attempts per day, 5 attempts for unique, 10 for legendary and 15 for epic.

These are just my personal suggestion.
But I think we really need some change on DNA fusing system.

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