Two Dedicated Players Looking for a New Alliance

As the title says, we are two players looking for a new alliance. Our current alliance is great when it comes to friendliness, raiding, and weekly missions (hitting incubator 7-9 each week), but is severely lacking in tournament participation and we are tired of putting in work that isn’t being reciprocated.

We both have 4500+ trophies, play everyday, regularly appear on the weekly mission leaderboards, and always at the minimum get our 10 K.O.'s in tournaments.

We’re looking for a more serious alliance that has almost all active players and does well in tournaments.

Thanks in advance!

we would love to have you both in our alliance! Send a join request to Acrocanthosaur Bosses, or Friend me at ExtinctBuckle22#9005 so I can add you

We’d be happy to have you on board as well! Our Ad is a few posts below this one.

Our alliance is called YouBetJurassican. We are a 10/10 alliance with access to 3 level 20 sanctuaries (currently 4). We offer help with raids and reach tier 8 in the alliance championships (tier 9 during 5 week rotations).

We are Discord based- it helps for organizing raids and sharing strategies and cash links. We do have a few small house rules as mentioned in our Ad. Let me know if you’re interested! :hugs:

I have an alliance however it probably won’t appeal to you. Message me via discord so I can point you in the right direction.


Hi @Zenspark66X can you DM me on discord please
My in game name is Daylan2003#1265, it’s easier to talk there thanks

We actually have 2 spaces now, 10/9 or 10/8 alliance , teir 8 in championship