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Two different movesets for one dino

There needs to be a raid moveset and an arena moveset. For example, diloracherius used to have two rampages and was amazing but now sucks at pvp so it isnt worth it to upgrade it just for pvp.

Some changes would be like every dino that doesnt heal has at least a group move and that all of the hadrosaurs are healers.
This would be amazing because we are spending two to three times the gold right now on pvp, raids and maybe tourneys as well. It’s crazy and new players are going to start quitting. New players will play untilt hey reach lockwood, see raids and quit cuz of the crazy amount of gold needed unless they really like the game and a lot of people that love dinos already have this game. Mid players will keep playing cuz of pvp and realise to avoid raids at all cost that are apexes, especially now that thor is gone so tryo is basically useless. Old players will keep playing cuz they probably love this game and have already leveled their team to 30 or they might quit too cuz raids arent enough to keep someone in the game.

I think it’s a very good idea but would take too long to implement. We have close to 200 creature I think and implementing a whole new move set for 200 creatures would take way too long.

Nah. Just have some moves act differently in raids and arena. Problem solved.

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They could have a team work on making new moves for every dino specifically and work on it over a few updates while the rest of the jwa team works on other things that don’t take as long. When the moves are ready, they would implement them into the next update after they are put into the game.

In that case it would still only happen in something like 3.0 But we can be optimistic.

I mean, maybe not that late becuase that’s about 2 years away. I could see this happening in maybe like 3-6 months.

Its definitely possible but i just don’t see them spending so much time and effort for this. And besides there are a lot of unused creatures that deserve hybrids or buffs which can make the arena interesting. Other thank that for them giving an entire team just to ensure around 40 creatures can be used in pvp might not be efficient.