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TWO dracoceratops?

IS this a cheat OR A BUG??? okay hear me out he used his level 28 DC (after switching from Erlidome) to finish my second dino(Tryko).Done. I killed it using Tenoto but i switch using My DC. Done. His erliko shows up to finish the Job Done. i bring out my final Dino Thor To end it. and He switch and RUN AND ANOTHER LEVEL 26 Dracocera Comes OUT. ???

(I dint Choose to Fight AI) so no its no a BOT.

That’s a bug. I remember it was active a while ago with Stegoceratops. That was most likely not a real player

so its a bot ?..

A broken one yeah. Happens from time to time. Usually just means the AI has had an issue

Idk where you heard that thing about the bots giving losing streaks but that’s literally not possible. It’s basically a conspiracy theory. You came across a bugged AI that gives trophies because it wasn’t AI, it was a mainstream bot that’s there for whatever reason. Also how would losing a battle to a bug get them more money?

The more you get fustrated the more you want to prevent it by buying More DNA and BOOST.
its not a conspiracy theory.
It exist. do ur research.

Things like this do exist kid. dont bother lying about watching the vid.

Ok 1. don’t call me kid, I’m not being rude. 2. I will watch this video when I have Wi-Fi as I’m currently in class.

ok im sorry. i thought u were those people defending everything blindly. i take it back about the kid.

Thank you. and no I’m one of the people who looks at the fact and bases things on prior experience. I’ve had this issue before, it’s not something that you personally can fix. Tbh idk why that bug is even back, hasnt been active since just afyer the games launch

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if you want me to delete that rude kid part please! tell me… i wanted too but im just afraid when people read it they wont know what wrong things i said to u… and it wont connect XD

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It’s up to you bud, I’m not bothered. Just happy that you realised ur mistake and and apologised. A welcome sight to say the least lol

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okay thats better… no need to delete it… it wouldnt make sense to others who read it if i did XD Thank you and have a nice day in your class!

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You have a nice day also!

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That de-escalated quickly!


When I saw the title, for a moment I thought the complaints has started for monostego swap in, cleanse, follow by draco swap in lol :joy:

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I seen a second Stegocers from someone yesterday, I killed one off then a second took its place, I thought it rather strange when I seen that, didnt do AI either…

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How is it “literally not possible” for a game to have bots that are designed to beat you?

It wouldn’t be any different than programming a bot to fight you using matchmaking.

If trophy rise exceeds X in X time, player faces B bot team for X matches.

B bot team = opponent team strength + 4 levels + 1k boosts

Great find, your video nails how this game works.
Won’t be long before someone flags it.

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no no XD both of us already stopped arguing about it. its all fine.

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That’s not who I was talking about.