Two epic scent capsules wasted due to map glitch

So I don’t usually post on things like this, and I promise I’m not complaining. I’m just a tad frustrated because having issues with the map and scent capsules. So prior to the latest patch I had bought an epic scent capsule and was actually going to be going on a road trip. When I activated it, the map continuesly lagged out and despite being able to see the map, no dinosaurs or supply drops would load. I practically wasted the entire scent opening and closing the app to try and load the map up. I thought this was due to possibly going fast on a highway, but I had a connection of five bars. As I mentioned this was prior to the last patch, but it has continued to this one. As of today I got another epic scent capsule and while using it in the car (as a passenger of course)the map had the same issue. We were only going about 35 mph and again I had five bars so it shouldn’t have lagged the map out. I again wasted the whole capsule with only getting just a Few dinosaurs. I again had to open and close the app to get it to work. This also happened with a rare and large common scent, but I’m not really upset about those as they don’t cost as much and aren’t as critical to dna collection as the epics. Also (like many others) when I use a scent and dart a dinosaur the timer disappears and a few times caused the entire map to disappear all together which caused me to have to open and close the app to have wasted 3-4 minutes of my scent trying to get it to work. The timer bug is minor, but the entire map not loading and the map lagging out when I’m trying to use my epic scents on the road are very frustrating. It makes me not want to get epic capsules because I’m afraid it will be wasted, and I refuse to stand in one spot and use an epic dna. Why? Because if I do all I’ll get is diplocalus dna (all day, every day), and I swear I’m not exaggerating. Wasting two epic scents when spawns are very poor for me now is a big deal. Please fix it.

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