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Two Ideas

My first idea is custom battles:
The concept is that you can pit teams of any size against each other. The catch is that you can only use dinos you have unlocked. For example, if you have a 26 Thor then you can choose any level Thor 26 or below. The player chooses the team they want to play, and the other team is taken over by an AI. This could be used for battle strategies and would have no reward.

The second idea is generation omega. Omega would be a new type of dino, and it would have its own rarities. To show it was omega, the Dino would have the omega symbol in the corner of its profile, next to the class. Omega’s would be created by mixing both gens of a creature(eg diplocaulus + Diplocaulus g2). However, they would have a new fusing process. You would have to collect a certain amount of dna of each gen, and then you would fuse the dna for a guaranteed creation. Omega creatures would not have dna, and instead would only show the level in the dinodex. The amount of dna required for each level up would be different for each rarity of dino.

Common: 10000
Rare: 2000
Epic: 750
Legendary: 300
Unique: 150

Which idea should be implemented?

  • Omega only
  • Custom battles only
  • Both
  • Neither

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@Gavin_Sherwood why do you oppose this?

Yes I did vote on the messages