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Two immunities that shouldn't exist

I’m just gonna say it outright remove immunity to vulnerability and immunity to bleed from the game. It doesn’t make sense that an ankylosaurus can hit a small ostrich dino and nothing happens to it. How does an elephant with hair seem to be immune to claws and teeth making it bleed?


It makes sense for the ankylosaurs to get immunity to vulnerable cause of its armor


It can still get injured. I think there can be resistances but no full immunity.

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Problem is that you can’t think like that. It’s just a mechanical system which they have given a name and shape to.

I’m just saying not bleeding when you get cut up or bitten is kinda weird.

But if it’s not immune to everything, it’s not true immunity. Full immunity is perfectly fine. The individual ones are what most people seem to have issues with.


Actually pushes glasses up thick fur does help to reduce the severity of cuts and bites in real life animals. Additionally, the creatures aren’t immune to bleeding, they are immune to DoT. That is to say, they are immune to being cut or bitten to a degree which would cause them to bleed out. Y’know, cause the severity was reduced.


Technically, this is a game, not everything has to make sense. Logically, irl every creature would be susceptible to bleeding. But lets base this on game logic. Theyre just trying to give each species of creatures their own kind of distinguishing factor. While I may not agree with Ludia giving Manny here (Woolly Mammoth) immunity to distraction and PFS, its just how it works.

If it were me here’s how I would give each species their own distinguishing factor:

No Immunities

Immunity to Swap-Prevention

Immunity to Stuns

Immunity to Stuns

Crocodillians/other reptiles
Immunity to Swap-Prevention

Permian Creatures
Immunity to Distraction

Immunity to Decel

Immunity to DoT

Immunity to Stuns

Immune to Vulnerability

Atleast in this way, Ludia cant just give a random creature a random partial immunity. (Such as Indo’s, etc.)

That makes sense

Yes i know this just a game but it could at least be resistance and not full immunity

To be clear, if you want to complain about immunities being unbalanced, I am right there with you. But if you want to try to justify your complaints with a semblance of reality, make sure you know the reality you’re using. :wink:


Ludia’s extremely scientific explanation on why mammoths and rhinos are immune to DoT


Thats one chonky boi :joy:



:joy: lol I swear that was almost the exact thing Ian Malcolm would say :joy:

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Why is that so true. @th3bub14 @OrigamiRobot

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What about the type of immunity that appears out of nowhere because it wasn’t on either of its parent ingredients?

Needs more uhs and ahs, but seems plausible. :rofl:

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When there thick fir, bleeding will not endure

That, I agree shouldn’t be the case, with the sole exception being Indominus. Sure, Indom having immunity comes out of nowhere, but I personally think it makes sense with the context of the movie in play.

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I think only some creatures should have immunities. Not just handing out partial immunities everywhere.