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Two Important things

Ok There’s two things I wanted to put on the forum so I just put them in one topic. The good thing is checkout this cool rendering of the Thoradalosaur from insta

The second thing is as far as I can tell the Spinocon AR is among some of the glitches @Ned it won’t be put down correctly and never appears when you put it down no matter how many times I close the app, Delete it and redownload it, Restart my phone. All the other Creatures AR is working perfectly. I have an Iphone 11 so it’s definitely not the phones problem so if this could get looked at that would mean a lot to me


Hey there, ind0raptor. The AR issue with Spinoconstrictor was reported to our team. Unfortunately, I don’t have an ETA for a fix from our team at the moment. :sweat:

Yea all the snakes have that issue. Idk why but you need a HUGE space if you want to have the same effect other creatures do