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Two in Search for New "Home"

GF (Aviary) & I (Lockdown) are looking for a new alliance. Currently in one that has four members but they aren’t active and we (me especially) would like to progress with the help of a larger, more active alliance. Play daily and would play even harder with a more active group. Let me know if we would be a good fit and you have room for two more.

Thanks for the consideration!

We’re a brand new alliance looking to go to the top. We want active players that would help us achieve this quickly and efficiently… if this interest you any then come join and let’s get started on the way to the top…

Two spots just opened in out alliance, MERC Unit, we’ll be glad to have you :slightly_smiling_face:

I actually do today.
Top 100 in tournaments. 3 level 20 sanctuaries, and a few associated rules.
We ask for 20 battles and 10 incubators daily.
Players must use Discord to chat, and must commit to never putting anything in any sanctuary. Ever.
Also we need everyone to do their 10 takedowns in the tournament without being chased.
If you’re interested…?

Great Southern Land has several openings this morning.
See our recruitment post on this forum (right next to your post) to see if we are what you are looking for.
We’re not hardcore, but consider ourselves “casual, but serious”. LOL!

We only need 10 daily arena kills and 10 tournament kills on the weekend, and our main post spells out why we ask that of our members.

Jurassic Park1 has 2 open spots for new members. We are competitive but casual. Our alliance is generous in giving DNA and we participate in tournaments and Raids. We are accepting new members level 15 and above. Hope you consider joining us!

The Eternal B D Wong are always happy to have new members :slight_smile:

  • Looking for battlers -
  • we always get 8/8 -
  • newbies and vets welcome

Alliance name - Attack Gen 2