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Two L20s In Under 5hrs Thanks to Ludia and the Coolers! You're so cool!

Appreciation post of what free interactions (equivalent to the 1.99 trainer bundles) can do for coops:

Two Level 20 Sancs were built simultaneously by the Teams of ARK applying basic strategy and teamwork. Further, a third level 20 is on it’s way to be done, all in under 24hrs

Local View

Sanc A

Sanc B

It’s nice to watch the sancs grow side by side:

Here are our stats, finished right in the nick of time under 5hrs:

Once again, thanks to Ludia from the Teams of ARK, we like breaking old records that we thought were not possible but you made it happen. Thanks for being so cool and giving us these coolers!


Dysfunctional Dinos are honored to be a part of Ark1. DL is truly the Dino Wizard along with his helpers.


Best decision to join ARK 6 months ago! Thank you to DL and everyone who puts so much hard work into not only making this happen, but much more. :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


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It was beautiful to be involved, as always. Thanks @DinoL3o


It was lovely to be part of it. :blush:

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Loved doing this, ‘tis always fun.



Awesome teamwork guys! :slight_smile:


Proud and happy to be part of ARK. Thank you DL and everyone who makes it possible. Gracias.

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Excellent teamwork guys, we are proud to be part of ARK!!

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TeaRex Hunters are also very happy to be a part of ARK! What a well organized great group of people with fantastic teamwork. Best CoOp experience ever!