Two lvl 20 sancs + 10/9 alliance is looking for engaged and active recruits!

Hello JW hunters,

we, the alliance German, are looking for new recruits that are daily active, motivated and team players and also enjoy playing with a great alliance!

We reach 10/9 every week, sometimes even 10/10. Furthermore, we run a cooperation with other German and international alliances to create two lvl 20 sanctuaries! So, we can offer you a high active, engaged and nice community that has high standards.

Please note that Discord is a must have for joining, simply because the ingame chat is very buggy and glitching and we need a good communication to coordinate. Furthermore, you should have lvl 15 (we sure can make exceptions for very active and competing players :muscle:t2:).

If you are interested in joining our alliance, please feel free to write me so I can send you a Discord invite. German is a nice have, but we sure can arrange to communicate with our international members in English. As for that, our Discord server is completely German (only our sanctuary coordinating channel is in English). We can offer u an own channel where we can communicate in English and I can also translate important parts like our rules, our structure planning and more. :smiley:

So, what are you waiting for! Join now. :muscle:t2::sunglasses:

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We are still looking for recruits. :facepunch:t2::sunglasses:

We have two open spots :slight_smile: