Two missing canon hybrids

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I was wondering why we don’t have two hybrids yet that are canon in either Jurassic World or in “soft-canon” materials.

First is the “Spinoraptor”

This should be added as a unique raptor hybrid (or Legendary)
Ideally, it could be a hybrid of Alloraptor and Spinosaurus Gen 2:


The other animal is the Ankylodocus, which should be a Legendary hybrid of Bumpy and Diplodocus:


Spinoraptor would exist in game if Ludia had not decided to use Spinosaurus as the base genome for JWA’s Spinosaurus/Utahraptor hybrid.


We also get a new one in camp cretaceous

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There is no doubt they will milk it like scorpios
Better start stocking up on sino and either spino

I don’t think this one will recieve a gen 2 and 3 like scorpius

Theyre breaking the og rules on making hybrids for the last few patches and scorpios gen3 isnt canon (yet)
Still better to stock up on dna incase we get another carno situation here

Spinoraptor already exists in the form of Spinotahraptor, since they use the same original components (Spinosaurus and Utahraptor).


Nodosaurus’s hybrid is the JWA equivalent of ankylodocus.

Did you mean nodopatosaurus ?

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Ludia made their own versions of these (don’t ask me why) so we sort of got it. It’s unfortunate but it is how it is

Neither of those are canon hybrids, but it would be cool to see both added to the game in the future.


They are soft-canon
JWE is soft-canon like JPTG

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Not really.
Just because similar creatures exist, doesn’t mean these cannot / should not be featured